Sega Announces New Features For Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation In Tokyo Game Show 2018

By Dale Bashir on Sep 23, 2018

While many Triple A titles are getting the spotlight during Tokyo Game Show, don’t think that mobile games aren’t getting the same treatment as well. The ever popular Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation is getting a lot of spotlight at the SEGA booth, and  during the first business day of TGS, a press conference led by game director Yamada Riichiro was held to announce all the new features being added to the game.

Firstly, a new AR Feature called “Devil Scanner” will be implemented through an update for a limited time, starting from September 18 to 30. The update also comes with improvements on GPS and image recognition function. Through the “Devil Scanner”, players can now search and collect (or negotiate as they call it) with demons using the AR functionality. By searching and negotiating with demons, players can recruit demons into their party. Yamada showed off the new feature by scanning a real-life bowl of apples which then led to a random demon appearing, allowing the player to recruit said demon.

Next, as part of the game’s  one year anniversary, a Ver. 2.0.0 update will be coming sometime in 2019. The update comes packed with a story update, starting out Part 2 of the overall story of the game.Taking a cue from the Mass Effect series, the storyline branches out depending on players choice; that being Law, Neutral and Chaos. A new form of Aura Gate will also be introduced; these 3D dungeons will become more vast and the devs might just throw in some new game play elements.

While the 2.0.0 update is still on the way, the Ver. 1.6.0 update is available now. This adds the highly requested Guild feature, with events and other contents being implemented on a regular basis. A new demon archetype will also be implemented, known as the “Jaki”. This will include Black Frost, an evil version of series’ mascot Jack Frost, and many more.

The last thing that was announced was a top secret collaboration being made with the game and another IP. Fingers crossed for it to be Persona, of course. And with that, Yamada-san ended his conference. The upcoming updates looks good and they’re hope fans will enjoy it, especially since the devs are adding a whole bunch of fan requested features. For now, the 1.6.0 update is only available in Japan, but international players can expect the feature coming their way sometime soon.

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