Major Overhaul To DOTA 2 Tournaments

By Dale Bashir on Jul 4, 2017

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DOTA 2's 2017-2018 competitive season will have huge changes in the upcoming weeks leading up to the tournament in August. The big changes will come in next year's International tournament. Valve announced all these altercations in a blog post on the 3rd of July. Valve says they are "taking a more organic approach to growing the competitive ecosystem".

 For the past few tournaments, Valve held two Majors. In the years forward, they are looking to work with more third-party organizers to sponsor those events directly instead. As such, players who compete and win these new directly sponsored events, will win Qualifying Points which will determine their place in The International 2018.

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The biggest change comes with Valve revamping their Majors and Minors event, likely to provide more significance to their new sponsorship of third-party tournaments. Depending on the kind of event, Valve will match the prize pool of the event. For new tournaments to be considered in the Minor status, they will now require a base prize pool of USD150,000, and Valve themselves must provide USD150,000 to match that prize pool. While tournaments in the Major bracket must have a prize pool of USD500,000, with Valve matching the remaining half.

These Major and Minor events will both award Qualifying Points with the Major events giving higher points, depending on the placement of teams and the prize pool. Individual points are counted and players who switch during a transfer window will keep their points. Though in a team, only the top three scoring players will account for the team total. 

Another condition for these new sponsored tournaments is that they must have compulsory LAN finals and have compulsory qualifiers for the 6 current "regions" for DOTA 2, which are South America, Europe, North America, China, South East Asia and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). 

Overall, this a huge shift for the competitive scene, with Valve getting more involved and hopefully this will become a start of a more transparent Dota 2 scene for competitive players.

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