DLC Wishlist: Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Dale Bashir on Feb 26, 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ has gone on to be one of the best fighting games of this generation, offering high-intensity, 3 on 3 fighting, with the added Dragon Ball Z flair. While the game has been enjoying success in numerous tournaments across the world, two DLC characters have been announced in the form of Goku's dad, Bardock, and fan-favorite Goku-hater, Broly. Many more DLC characters will be coming and here are the characters we wish were coming to FighterZ:

10. Videl

One complaint of the game is that there's only 2 female characters in the game and more should be added. Videl is the perfect candidate for another female character, with her showing off her moves and how powerful she is compared to her father in the early episodes of the Buu Arc. She's not very good at controlling her ki, but she does excel at hand-to-hand combat, making her playstyle more like Yamcha without the Kamehamehas and Wolf Fang Fists. 

9. Master Roshi

The OG master in the original Dragon Ball, Master Roshi has always been a skillful fighter and has been taking a backseat to all the action since Dragon Ball Z. Recently, his fighting skills have become more prominent, especially in Dragon Ball Super's Resurrection of Frieza and Tournament of Power arc. He definitely can be a glass cannon character, a strong but fragile character that can put the beat down on his students and villains. He can even have the original Kamehameha and Mafuba techniques as his Super attacks. Here's hoping they also add his Jackie Chun costume.

8. Android 17

Just like Master Roshi, Android 17 has made a resurgence in the recent Dragon Ball Super arc, helping out his fellow Universe 7 team-mates in ensuring the survival of their universe. His moves and demeanor has since been updated, while he is still as destructive as before, he is more calm and collected these days and relies more on tactics than just pure power. His signature Force Field can also be an interesting unique mechanic to him, enabling him to shield devastating attacks. His 3D model is already a part of the game and Android 18's moveset, so it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to add him in.

7. Kefla

Another female character to add to the roster, and this time she's a Saiyan. A fusion of the the Universe 6 Saiyans, Kale and Caulifla, she made a big splash in the recent arc and fought Goku as he unlocked hi Ultra Instinct form. While this form is a fusion, it'll also be nice to see the two Saiyans that make up this character as separate characters as well, as Caulifla's power is comparable to Teen Gohan while Kale is clearly a female Broly. Either way, this character has been super popular amongst fans and it would be great to see her inclusion in FighterZ.

6. Hercule (Mr. Satan)

Every fighting game needs a joke character right? From Dan Hibiki to the Wii Fit Trainer in Smash Bros, a not so serious fighter amongst the roster can add some fun and mix-up the game. Hercule or Mr. Satan has always been the joke character of the Dragon Ball franchise, a recurring blowhard that eventually redeems himself by befriending Majin Buu and saving the Earth from his terror (with help from Goku and Vegeta of course). Now, he usually is equipped with his signature rolling punch and unconventional Dragon Ball weapons like grenades and guns. It'll also be cool to see him have some team-up attacks with his best buddy Majin Buu.

5. Chi-chi

A nice addition to the game would be Goku's wife Chi-chi, who hasn't been fighting since the original series, but can still be an awesome addition to the roster. The last DBZ game to be a fighting game in a 2D perspective was in fact, Super Dragon Ball Z (not to be confused with the current series Dragon Ball Super). In that game, adult Chi-chi was a playable character, appearing as she did in the final arc of Dragon Ball. Equipped with her Bansho Fan, she can blow enemies away and put Goku back in his place. The child version of herself would also make a nice addition, and would pair up nicely with an upcoming entry on this list.

4. Cooler

With the inclusion of Broly, it seems that movie-exclusive characters can be in FighterZ and who other than what might just be the second-most popular movie-exclusive character, Cooler. Frieza's older brother is just as powerful as him, albeit without a Golden form. He does however have a powerful fifth form that looks menacing, and even has a Metal Cooler form that is able to clone at will. Frieza might not be making waves in tier lists, maybe his brother might just be a more viable character for a lot of people.

3. Jiren

While he might not come as a surprise for most fans, he will definitely be a welcomed addition to the game. He's as strong as a God of Destruction and is the most recent "villain" to push Goku further and further with every encounter. He might just be too OP for the game, but I'm sure ArcSys will have a way to balance him out amongst the cast. He definitely fits the Shao Khan or M.Bison archetype of being a super-powerful boss character. Heck, he might not even need the 2 other team members, because that's just how pwerful he really is.

2. Kid Goku

Now there might just be way too many Goku's at this point and has since been a meme at this point, some fans are begging for a base form Goku, a Goku that has the moveset from the Saiyan invasion, before his numerous Super Saiyan power-ups. I'd argue we can do better than that and go even further, Kid Goku, with his Power Pole and Nimbus Cloud. The basest of all base form Gokus, he can be a high-speed character with pretty good reach and can have his Oozaru form as his Super attack. I've been wanting him since my most wanted list and I can't stress enough how much love Kid Goku needs.

1. King Piccolo 

When all the Gokus, Vegetas and Gohans are overrated, Piccolo has always been the fan-favorite non-Saiyan character that everyone roots for. While the FighterZ version is great and all, we need the Piccolo in his evil prime, the grand-daddy of every Dragon Ball Z villain, the Demon King Piccolo. Technically Piccolo's dad, this Piccolo ravaged the world and has a horde of mutant Namekians at his disposal. Just like Chi-chi, he was also a playable fighter in Super Dragon Ball, and it would be awesome for him to make a grand return to the series in FighterZ, in all of its HD glory.

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