Beta Registration For The New Mega Man X DiVE Mobile Game Is Live

By Dale Bashir on Aug 7, 2019

It's been a while since Mega Man X has had a major game in its series, besides the occasional rereleases that have been making the rounds for all major consoles the past 2 years. Capcom has announced an all-new Mega Man X game for smartphones and is now open for beta registration.

This new game, titled Mega Man DiVE, is described by Capcom Taiwan as an action RPG, starring an all-star cast from the Mega Man X franchise. This includes the titular Mega Man X, Zero, Axl, and more. Based on the teaser trailer, it seems that the traditional run and gun gameplay of Mega Man X is mixed with the usual RPG trappings that you'll find with most mobile gacha games.

The beta registration of the game is live now for all Android users, which you can check out right here. You can register from now until the 22nd of August, which presumably the game's beta would be available by the 23rd of August. Capcom Taiwan is looking for up to 30,000 beta testers, so put in your Gmail and try your luck!

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