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25 April 2017

Kurtis Chan | 4 days ago

The annual League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational will commence this weekend, April 28th with the all new play-in phase. This is the first time where all 13 regions will be participating in an international League of Legends tournament, represented by the regions' respective Spring Split champio... Read More

22 April 2017

Kin Boon | 1 week ago

The growth of eSports has reached unprecedented heights over the years, culminating into a multi-million dollar industry. Premium tournaments such as The International, League of Legends World Championship, and ESL One were hosted annually, boasting an increment of revenue, prize pool, and the numbe... Read More

21 April 2017

Kin Boon | 1 week ago

League of Legends (LoL) studios, Riot Games has made a mark in Malaysia’s eSports industry by launching their Student Ambassador Program, a new initiative targeted at university and college students with a passion for gaming. It’s a program designed to help participants develop transfer... Read More

20 April 2017

Kin Boon | 1 week ago

Chinese gaming giant Tencent is preparing to rebrand its digital store, which indicates a move to compete with Steam in the global market. This was revealed by Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter earlier this week, and it’s seen as a huge deal considering Steam is monopolizing the g... Read More

Kurtis Chan | 1 week ago

Riot Games teased players about the new rotating game mode that is hitting the PBE server soon a few days ago, and its name and details has been revealed. The latest game mode is called Dark Star: Singularity and it features only one champion, Thresh, and the Dark Star Thresh skin is the only optio... Read More

19 April 2017

Kurtis Chan | 1 week ago

Get ready to submit to infinity as new corruptants are born in League of Legends. Riot Games recently uploaded teasers for a new Dark Star game mode and 2 skins, Dark Star Kha'Zix and Dark Star Orianna. New Corruptants are born. — League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegend... Read More

14 April 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 weeks ago

"Restoring the wild magic of Ionia won’t be easy when a deadly enemy lurks in the shadows." League of Legends just released a new champion teaser for their upcoming champions, Xayah and Rakan in a form of a cinematic trailer called Xayah and Rakan: Wild Magic. The video is 3 minutes long... Read More

28 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 1 month ago

Every week, rotating game modes such as Ultra Rapid Fire, Legend of the Poro King, and many more will make an appearance in League of Legends from Fridays until Mondays which allows players to experience different gameplay if they are bored of solo queue, or to just have some fun with friends. Howe... Read More

21 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 1 month ago

  Gamehubs recently got a chance to interview one of the finalist for TLC Malaysia 2017, Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) despite their busy training schedule for the TLC Grand Finals. With the help of Garena Malaysia, we manage to get hold of the players' and coach's insights into League of Legends,... Read More

15 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 1 month ago

  Riot Games recently just made a confirmation in the League of Legends Dev Corner that Graves and Quinn will be receiving nerfs in the upcoming patches, while some of the struggling champions in the jungle are in plans for a buff. Graves has been one of the top picked champion to fill the jung... Read More

13 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

League of Legends Aatrox is one of the least picked champions and also a contender for the worst champion in the game. Riot Games recently made some changes to him in order for him to be on par with other champions, but it does not seem to be going their way.   Here are the changes to Aatrox i... Read More

11 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

Changes happen all the time in League of Legends, from new champion releases, champion reworks, to graphical updates, Riot Games is always busy trying the give its players a better experience while playing the game, but sometimes these changes are so drastic that it completely altered how the game ... Read More

8 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

It's the month of March now, which means April Fools is upon us. Each year, Riot Games will release a number of goofy new skins to celebrate April Fools Day and this year is no exception. In the latest PBE 7.6 cycle update, Riot released 4 new April Fools inspired skins as well as 4 new chroma pack... Read More

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

“I only wake up when it's time to squash something. And I'm awake right now.” Looming brazen above Demacia's walls, the colossus stands with silent lips. The elders tell of ages past, when the mighty man stirred to defend the huddled masses. Many doubt these legends. But—like impr... Read More

7 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

Riot Games had just revealed Galio's visual makeover through League of Legends social media pages, and he looks like a new champion as nothing is alike from the current Galio. "I’m Here. You’re Welcome.” — League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) Marc... Read More

6 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

Riot Games confirmed that a Galio rework is underway few months back and it seems that he will be making a return to League of Legends bigger, better and stronger according to the teaser dropped by Riot. The Hour of Need — League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) March... Read More

28 February 2017

Melvyn Tan | 2 months ago

Twitch, the popular streaming platform and service, will soon let gamers buy games through it with the launch of Twitch Games Commerce. According to the announcement video, there will be two ways of purchasing games. The first and more straightforward way is through a game's detail page. The other ... Read More

23 February 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

If you are a support main and you don't play Zyra, start learning to play her now as League of Legends just released an image teaser of a new skin for Zyra on all of their social media accounts, with the caption stating "rise, my darlings." Rise, my darlings. — Lea... Read More

17 February 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

Riot Games first revealed Tanks as the next class update two weeks ago and more information has been unveiled at the League of Legends Dev Corner. Sejuani was announced as the first Tank champion to receive the update. RiotSolcrushed posted on the Dev Corner recently, explaining their goa... Read More

16 February 2017

Kurtis Chan | 2 months ago

Riot recently introduced a brand new tool that will potentially revolutionize League of Legends e-sports called the "Deterministic Disaster Recovery Tool" or what the community is already calling it the "Chronobreak", referring to Ekko's ultimate that has the ability to turn back time. "Chronobreak... Read More

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