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18 September 2017

Dale Bashir | 4 days ago

The Tokyo Game Show 2017 is happening this week, while we have our team and out Super TGS Contest winner there to experience the event there. here is what we can expect from the event, specifically with Capcom's presentation of what they're presenting ... Read More

8 September 2017

Dale Bashir | 2 weeks ago

Yesterday, we counted down the worst characters video game sequels had to offer. Now, it's time to do the best sequel characters. Will your favorites come out on top? We'll see, let's go: 10.Donkey Kong Count... Read More

Dale Bashir | 2 weeks ago

For a medium that has lasted for over 40 years, even video games cannot escape the ire of bad sequels. It's when a sequel doesn't live up to the original, whether it is in terms of the plot, scope or in this case, characters, players start... Read More

3 March 2016

Aeriaman | 2 years ago

Megaman, Rockman, The Blue Bomber. No matter what you choose to call him, he will always be one of the most iconic video game characters from Capcom. The very first Megaman started in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and has since grown to over 40 games through various co... Read More

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