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5 July 2018

Intan Mawarni | 2 weeks ago

International gaming gears manufacturer is moving into a different turf with the launch of its own cashless payment app, Razer Pay in Malaysia. The digital wallet is made possible with the collaboration of Razer and Malaysian conglomerate Berjaya Corp Bhd.   Formerly... Read More

16 May 2018

Intan Mawarni | 2 months ago

Today, we found out that Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) will be shutting down the production of physical PS Vita games. Based on a report by Kotaku, Sony’s European and American branches have emailed game developers that they are planning to cease production of physica... Read More

20 April 2018

Intan Mawarni | 3 months ago

When Nintendo Labo was announced in January this year, it turned many heads for players and people in the video game industry. Popping out those DIY perforated cardboard cut-outs, assembling all of the parts, integrating them with the Nintendo Switch system seems like an inno... Read More

26 February 2018

Dale Bashir | 5 months ago

Last month, Nintendo pulled a Nintendo and unexpectedly unveiled a whole new way of play with the Switch, integrating the system with buildable cardboard props for little kids to experience new kinds of games. This new innovation is called the Nintendo Labo. Whether it's a fishing gam... Read More

13 November 2017

Dale Bashir | 8 months ago

Great Wall iGame Sdn. Bhd, a local mobile gaming company established in 2016, launched their new solution to gaming transactions and also a new mobile gaming platform. UMU Wallet allows for reloading of in-game credits, seamless transferring of credits between players, and even as a plat... Read More

30 October 2017

Nicolas See Tho | 9 months ago

Gran Turismo Sport is finally out and racing enthusiast around the world are enthusiastic about the latest GT game to hit the PlayStation 4. As most fans know, Gran Turismo is not your average racing game as it takes pride in being one of the more realistic racing simulators out there on ... Read More

4 September 2017

Justin Chee | 10 months ago

Lenovo Legion recently launched a slew of new gaming desktops called the Lenovo Legion Y920, 720 and 520 respectively at Gamescom 2017. These VR-ready machines are eye-catching masterpieces not only in looks but also in the latest hardware internally - that are emplo... Read More

22 August 2017

Kurtis Chan | 11 months ago

Lenovo, the leading global tech company and PC manufacturer unveiled four new additions to their Lenovo Legion gaming family and announced their partnership with computer hardware giants, Asetek and Corsair. The products launched were: ... Read More

5 August 2017

Nicolas See Tho | 11 months ago

The day is over, and we had tons of fun covering Malaysia's first ever Playstation Experience 2017 at KL Live. The crowds were massive, and the fun even more so. As part of our efforts to cover this event in totality, we are creating different segments of ev... Read More

16 March 2017

Kin Boon | 1 year ago

Nintendo Switch owners are slightly concerned with the fact that games made for the hybrid console are more expensive compared to other platforms. This came after the announcement that the upcoming puzzle adventure game, RiME would cost more on the Switch, and it isn’t the only gam... Read More

6 February 2017

Kin Boon | 1 year ago

Hero shooters are gaining traction nowadays, with Overwatch setting the standards in the genre due to its popularity, playerbase, and positive reviews. These games are generally played on PC, but console players get to enjoy Blizzard’s latest IP as well. With that said, it’s not... Read More

14 December 2016

Kin Boon | 2 years ago

ASUS gaming products are known for its sleek design, performance, and full visual customization to suit the owner’s liking. This can only be done by using Aura Sync, the world’s first RGB-lighting-synchronization feature that is compatible with a broad range of PC components and p... Read More

10 November 2016

Kin Boon | 2 years ago

Germany computer accessories manufacturer, ROCCAT has announced their latest mechanical gaming keyboard, the Suora FX. Dubbed as the mechanical keyboard for gaming purists, it boasts an ultra-compact frameless design with a highly durable yet stylish aluminium-alloy housing. Simplicity... Read More

26 October 2016

Sacharrine | 2 years ago

It’s been compared to a Battleship Yamato type of game and the failed French MOBA game, Stellar Impact. I prefer to compare it to either Dreadnought or the Homeworld series. Gorgeously rendered ships, each of which have their own strengths and weaknesses... Read More

12 April 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 2 years ago

Last week, we were invited for an early screening for the Ratchet & Clank movie. If you're not too sure who they are and what they even mean, it's this platforming game that came out on the PlayStation 2 by Insomniac Games, and feels a bit like what Crash Bandicoot and Spyro The D... Read More

16 February 2016

Tetradact | 2 years ago

Eight years after Street Fighter IV was first released, the newest entry into Capcom's popular fighting game series, Street Fighter V, has officially been launched in Malaysia. To celebrate this occasion, PLAY Interactive has held a midnight launch for the game at APW in... Read More

27 January 2016

Ivan Cheong | 2 years ago

  Japanese toy manufacturer ThreeZero has crafted the most insanely detailed figurine of Fallout 4's T-45 Power Armour. This work of art was teased to fans back in December 2015 and is now ready for sale and it's the perfect collectible piece for die hard Fallout fans. However, owning it w... Read More

9 January 2016

Mirza | 3 years ago

INTRODUCTION Virtual Reality is set to be the next hottest thing in the gaming industry, as companies left and right look to capitalise on the trend o... Read More

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