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20 June 2018

Dale Bashir | 4 weeks ago

This year’s E3 had more ups than it had downs, with one upside is that a ton of news about Kingdom Hearts 3 cropped up between Microsoft’s and Square Enix’s conferences. This long-awaited sequel has been in the works long enough and is now finally comin... Read More

25 October 2017

Dale Bashir | 9 months ago

Video games have come a long way since it's earlier entries in the form of Pac-Man, Asteroids, and Centipede. And like the winding paths mazes of Pac-Man or the titular Centipede, video games have since evolved to have even more twists and turns, especia... Read More

8 September 2017

Dale Bashir | 10 months ago

For a medium that has lasted for over 40 years, even video games cannot escape the ire of bad sequels. It's when a sequel doesn't live up to the original, whether it is in terms of the plot, scope or in this case, characters, players start... Read More

15 August 2017

Dale Bashir | 11 months ago

So over on our Indonesian site, fellow Gamehubs writer Basmal wrote his top 5 soundtracks that will give listeners an "eargasm". Now it's my turn, I'm gonna be talking about 5 video game soundtracks that mean a lot to me and has shaped my preferences when it comes to video ... Read More

14 September 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 2 years ago

It's not Kingdom Hearts 3, but it's close enough. If you don't own a 3DS fan and you've clicked here, there's a high chance that you're feeling a bit sad to miss out on Kingdom Hearts 3D. After all, the events of the game does actually take place after Kingdom Hearts 2, which counts... Read More

15 June 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 2 years ago

Another Kingdom Hearts game? Oh no, is it what I think it is? Square Enix showed off some gameplay footage of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue that's coming to the PlayStation 4 at their Square Enix Premium Showcase. Well, the interesting part is not... Read More

9 June 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 2 years ago

Darkness will prevail, and the light expire. As many of you know, there will be another remastered Kingdom Hearts game before we reach the end of the Xehanort saga, a.k.a. Kingdom Hearts 3. That game is Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD: Final Chapter Prologue, and it has been announced tha... Read More

22 April 2016

rultimate | 2 years ago

From generation to generation, Square-Enix (SE) has been trying to innovate their Active Time Battle (ATB) system in favour of a near-seamless real-time combat, and ditching the traditional turn-based system altogether. Further evolution of the AT... Read More

6 April 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 2 years ago

Kingdom Hearts has probably one of the most enthralling, yet confusing storylines to ever be created for a videogame. You have the main game, then a minor sequel, then the actual sequel, then a prequel sequel, and then it all went over my head soon ... Read More

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