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13 November 2017

Kurtis Chan | 4 days ago

BlizzCon 2017 just took place during the past weekend at Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California. There were tons of exciting stuff that happened during the 2-day annual event for Blizzard's titles like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, ... Read More

27 October 2017

Nicolas See Tho | 3 weeks ago

Nendoroid is now adding famed brother/duo Genji and Hanzo in its latest lineup of cute figurines based on Overwatch characters. Genji and Hanzo will be joining other Overwatch lineups such as Mei and Tracer as part of Goodsmiles action figure line next year. The Nendoroid Genji will b... Read More

11 October 2017

Kurtis Chan | 1 month ago

Halloween Terror has finally made its return to Overwatch for the second time in conjunction with Halloween and things are about to get spooky. Just like every other event in Overwatch, news skins will come along for players to unlock and this one is no exception. So without furthe... Read More

4 October 2017

Kurtis Chan | 1 month ago

"The nights grow cold and monsters appear, a great evil gathers and Halloween draws near..." Halloween is just a few weeks away and Blizzard has finally announced the starting date of the Halloween Terror event. Along with the announcement video, Blizzard also teased players on McCree... Read More

26 May 2017

Kurtis Chan | 6 months ago

The Overwatch Anniversary event officially kicked off 3 days ago and every player gets to unlock and enjoy more than 100 items and also three new Arena Maps in the Arcade. Of course, bugs are always lurking around in Overwatch and many has already been discovered by players and th... Read More

24 May 2017

Kurtis Chan | 6 months ago

Overwatch Anniversary commenced when patch 1.11 hit live servers. The event is undoubtedly the spotlight of this patch but we should not forget what are the changes that Blizzard made to the game as your main might be hit by a nerf or a buff. Here is the patch notes ... Read More

Kurtis Chan | 6 months ago

It's been a year since Overwatch was officially launched and Blizzard is celebrating the game's birthday with tons of new cosmetic items including skins, dancing emotes, voice lines, and sprays for players to unlock through the Overwatch Anniversary loot boxes. There are 11 new skin... Read More

12 May 2017

Kurtis Chan | 6 months ago

It looks like Genji's 10 Dragonblade swings with animation cancelling is not enough to make him stronger as a new bug has been found that turns Genji's Dragonblade into an unlimited ult. Take a look at the video below by Find's Bakery as he successfully reproduced the bug. The can... Read More

5 May 2017

Kurtis Chan | 6 months ago

A new PTR patch just arrived yesterday with Genji being one of the heroes receiving a buff, specifically to his wall climb. But little did Blizzard know that the new buff actually allows Genji to cancel animation, and he can add in three extra Dragonblade swings thanks to this buff. Genji... Read More

4 May 2017

Kurtis Chan | 6 months ago

The Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR) is finally back and running with the latest patch 1.11. A new set of heroes balance changes came along with it and Hanzo mains can finally play their favorite hero in Competitive, maybe, as he had just received a buff. Reaper and Genji are... Read More

27 April 2017

Melvyn Tan | 7 months ago

After The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was unleashed upon the gaming world in March, we got the chance to interview Kalista Tazlin, an actress, director and gamer who had acted in a short film adaptation/parody of Th... Read More

12 April 2017

Kurtis Chan | 7 months ago

As per Overwatch tradition, with every new event comes new cosmetic items, and the Overwatch Uprising event is no exception. Browse the archives with this time capsule of goodies from the earliest eras of Overwatch. Open an Uprising Loot Box today and unlock a piece of the past, ... Read More

11 April 2017

Kurtis Chan | 7 months ago

Overwatch Insurrection event is coming to the game very soon and with every new event, there will be new skins for certain heroes. McCree and Widowmaker are getting new skins as promised by Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan. Genji, Mercy, Tracer, Reinhardt, Torbjorn, Bastion and Or... Read More

31 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 8 months ago

*Written by Kurtis and Melvyn Overwatch fanart is something that is to be much appreciated, offering us humour, exaggerated personalities or qualities of the game's characters and glorious skins that we wish were in the game. That last bit, combined with the curre... Read More

3 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 9 months ago

In the recent Overwatch patch 1.8, D.Va got a buff to her Defense Matrix while Winston has a smaller head hitbox volume. But both of these changes came with some consequences, in the form of bugs and glitches. D.Va's Defense Matrix is supposed to absord any incoming damage no matter how ... Read More

2 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 9 months ago

Bastion before Overwatch's patch 1.8 was hated because he was kinda useless and easy to counter, unless it was a surprise pick. Bastion in patch 1.8 is also receiving lots of hate as his sentry form's passive (Ironclad: Grants Bastion a 35% damage resistanc... Read More

Kurtis Chan | 9 months ago

In the latest Overwatch patch 1.8, D.Va's Defense Matrix received a buff where she can absord any incoming damage towards her no matter how close the distance is, as long as it is activated, but that is not the case here. There is a bug to the Defense Matrix which instead of absorbing the... Read More

27 February 2017

Kurtis Chan | 9 months ago

  Season 4 of Overwatch Competitive rank is arriving in a couple of days and there will certainly be changes to it as Overwatch Competitive is still fairly new and the developers are receiving countless of feedbacks by players everyday as mentioned by Lylirra, Over... Read More

22 February 2017

Kurtis Chan | 9 months ago

As you know, Overwatch is always full of bugs and glitches, especially during the Year of the Rooster patch. Now it looks like Sombra has a new glitch with her translocator, or maybe she hacked it so that it enables her to be invulnerable for a short period of time. Overwatch YouTuber, Sookie... Read More

17 February 2017

Kurtis Chan | 9 months ago

The American gunslinger and vigilante, Jesse McCree will be getting a new look in the form of a legendary skin in the near future. Although McCree did received the American skin from Summer Games event and Scrooge legendary skin from the Winter Wonderland event, both of these skins are n... Read More

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