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2 July 2018

Jasmin | 4 months ago

From July 5th to August 1st, fans of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV will get the chance to see their favourite group of boys in the upcoming collaboration with gumi Inc’s popular mobile strategy RPG game: The Alchemist Code. The event brings the boys of Eon into the wor... Read More

21 March 2018

Dale Bashir | 7 months ago

"A Final Fantasy for Fans and First-Timers." This quote is the first thing you see when you boot up the game, and says a lot about Final Fantasy XV, for better or for worse. If you count the years when it started out as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, I have been waiti... Read More

3 January 2018

Kurtis Chan | 9 months ago

After Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit the big screens, Kylo Ren's high waisted pants scene instantly become the topic of discussion and people are trying to dress just like him in high waisted pants, calling it the Kylo Ren Challenge. If one day your favorite characters from games and anime decided... Read More

13 March 2017

Kin Boon | 2 years ago

Not much details were known about Final Fantasy XV’s first story expansion, Episode Gladiolus, besides the fact that you’ll be controlling the alpha male of Noctis’ party from the main game. An Episode Gladiolus PAX Trailer was recently released at the Final Fantasy XV ... Read More

16 February 2017

Kin Boon | 2 years ago

If you have watched the Nissin Cup Noodles parody commercial for Final Fantasy XV and you think it’s weird, things are about to get a whole lot weirder this time. Apparently, the commercial was not a one-off project between the Japanese food company and Square Enix, as they are tak... Read More

8 February 2017

Kin Boon | 2 years ago

Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata once said that the game needs to sell 10 million units for it to be considered as a success, which turned out to be a miscommunication. But even if his previous statement holds true, the latest entry in one of the biggest JRPG franchises is alrea... Read More

19 December 2016

Kin Boon | 2 years ago

It’s that time of the year again when Comic Fiesta is held at our shores, gathering thousands of passionate fans to celebrate the goodness of anime, comics, and gaming. Final Fantasy XV took center stage again this time around, after having a panel of its own in every ... Read More

31 October 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 2 years ago

At the moment, it's all men but if you need some girl power, there might be one coming to Final Fantasy XV. We're about a month away from the release of Final Fantasy XV, and we're seeing more details about the game coming out as the release date draws near. If you've been paying a... Read More

28 October 2016

Melvyn Tan | 2 years ago

First things first: Final Fantasy XV has gone gold - that means the game has completed development (yay!). On the other hand, its DLC is still in the making - development only kicked off this summer, according to Eurogamer, and the first episode where you control Gladio... Read More

25 October 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 2 years ago

A special sneak preview inside what-would-be the final build of Final Fantasy XV. We're about 1 month away from the release of what would probably be the longest game stuck in the development cycle, Final Fantasy XV. In case you weren't aware, Team Gamehubs got invite... Read More

13 August 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 2 years ago

So much new content announced for a game that's not even released yet. Last week, Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass, which is supposed to bring a tons of additional content for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV. There wasn't much details about the ex... Read More

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