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28 January 2019

Dale Bashir | 3 weeks ago

  Dragon Ball’s modern renaissance is not done just yet; now on its 35 year anniversary, new mangas, anime, movies, and video games are in store for this year. One being a whole new Action RPG for modern consoles and PCs, as well as a whole slew of DLC for Dragon Ball... Read More

5 October 2018

Dale Bashir | 5 months ago

It has been announced by the Wall Street Journal that a new version of the Nintendo Switch will be released sometime in the later half of 2019. While the original Nintendo Switch is great and has been selling like hotcakes around the world, it wouldn’t b... Read More

19 July 2018

Dale Bashir | 7 months ago

It’s 2018 which means the critically acclaimed Street Fighter IV is officially 10 years old. SF IV was a landmark game for Capcom and the series as a whole, with a lot of players saying it’s the best one yet. While II remains t... Read More

11 July 2018

Dale Bashir | 7 months ago

  “Video games are meant to be just one thing: fun. Fun for everyone” The late Satoru Iwata was truly an inspiration to gamers everywhere. His light-hearted spirit, dedication to video games as a medium, and strong work ethics has not on... Read More

3 July 2018

Dale Bashir | 8 months ago

The Nintendo Switch is notorious for being the ultimate port machine these days. Whether it’s classic SNK arcade classics, old NES or SNES games, or even excellent games from the previous generation. Android and IOS games are no strangers to the S... Read More

13 April 2018

Intan Mawarni | 10 months ago

In this monochrome adventure game, you’re playing as a tiny person, who looks like Tamagotchi, living a simple life with a house and a cute dog. You’re frolicking outside your house until you find a strange sword implanted on the ground. Due to intense curiosity, you pull ... Read More

20 March 2018

Michelle J. Brohier | 11 months ago

Have you heard? Today is International Day of Happiness! This day was conceptualised and founded by a prominent United Nations special advisor Jayme Illien who wanted to inspire, mobilise and advance the global happiness movement. Well, the day is almost over and... Read More

15 January 2018

Yue Lynn | 1 year ago

The “biggest consumer technology show on Earth” aka the Consumer Electronics 2018 (CES 2018) event has recently reached the end of its battery life last week in Las Vegas. Showcasing a range of techie things ranging from smart shoes to ‘baby tech&r... Read More

Jasmin | 1 year ago

After watching last week’s Nintendo Direct Mini and seeing all the amazing games coming out on the Switch and 3DS-family, I sat there in awe. Not too long ago, all everyone was talking about was the battle of Sony vs Microsoft while Nintendo quietly sat ... Read More

3 January 2018

Dale Bashir | 1 year ago

A new Pokemon is definitely on the horizon, after last year's Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Pokefans have been eagerly waiting for Gamefreak to announce the next batch of games on the Nintendo Switch. So what would we want from the new Switch games? Well let's take a lo... Read More

14 September 2017

Dale Bashir | 1 year ago

The Nintendo Direct has come and gone, with that Nintendo has made announcements on new games and hardware, some very surprising and some pretty obvious. No matter the case, Nintendo is always bringing the goods when it comes to their Nin... Read More

8 August 2017

Dale Bashir | 2 years ago

Remember buying those fake Gameboy Advance cartridges that proudly proclaimed to have 200++ games, when in fact only 3 of them were actual GBA games, 7 of them would be the original Mario with different sprites and the rest would just be obscure NES titles? Well imagine that but as an actu... Read More

8 April 2017

David Tan | 2 years ago

Digital Monsters, Digital World Ever since Pokemon dominated everyone’s childhood, the concept of collecting monsters became children’s wildest dream. While owning monster pets in real life is still in the process of coming true, we all got our fi... Read More

28 March 2017

Sacharrine | 2 years ago

Montaro is a doge. No really, he’s a doge. This surprisingly addictive little game is all about Montaro, a doge or shibe, going around and surviving good old retro-ish Japan. The game immediately catches your eye with its simplicity and catchy, carefree sounding music. In fac... Read More

22 March 2017

Kin Boon | 2 years ago It is undebatable to state that Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the best looking open-world action RPG out there, with an expansive post-apocalyptic setting for players to explore and marvel at. Guerilla Games did a great job for their first... Read More

3 March 2017

Kin Boon | 2 years ago

Growing up as a gamer, we rarely need to worry about the costs of buying the latest consoles or games, especially those that came out when we were young, namely the PlayStation, the classic GameBoy, and so on. Parents are always our go-to source to get a gaming system in the living room, ... Read More

14 November 2016

Sacharrine | 2 years ago

Almost 25 years ago to date, some very special consoles came into my life. Before the era of Playstation 3 or 4 and Steam, there was only Nintendo and Sega. Back then, there was something called a cartridge. It was a lot bigger than the Nintendo Gameboy cartridge... Read More

9 August 2016

Justin Chee | 3 years ago

Pokemon Go's success is in my own words, insane. Neither have I fathomed how much it would actually take over the world by storm in only mere weeks after its release. Would the game achieve the same success if it wasn't because of Pokemon? Would it be just as successful if the gameplay me... Read More

11 May 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 3 years ago

Now you have a pussy that burns you...literally. Plenty of Pokemon fans around the world are looking forward to the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon on the Nintendo 3DS, and I can easily see why. Plenty of us have been playing Pokemon games from the Game... Read More

27 March 2016

Sacharrine | 3 years ago

We've got an update for Pokémon GO since our last post here. Apart from what we already know like using your smartphone to capture Pokémon in an augmented reality environment, the game does feature a lot of battles but they work rather differently than in the Nintendo Gameboy... Read More

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