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3 August 2018

Jasmin | 6 months ago

In an interesting turn of events, all the (virtual) board games on Steam are now on sale! If you’ve been wanting to try out titles like Armello or Tabletop Simulator, this weekend is the perfect time for you to add them to your Library as this sale gives you discounts of up to 90%! G... Read More

8 June 2018

Intan Mawarni | 8 months ago

Thank God it’s Friday! The weekend is upon us and we have great news for Malaysian gamers; this weekend is filled with fascinating local gaming events for you and your friends to jump into! These events are especially for those who love tabletop games or those w... Read More

16 April 2018

Dale Bashir | 10 months ago

The mother of all elections has come and gone, and a new Malaysia is upon us fellow Malaysians. There's been a lot of politics and madness since then, and it carries on until today. Nothing reflects that more than the type of board games Malaysians have released to reflect the state... Read More

19 January 2018

Melvyn Tan | 1 year ago

Think of AI in games, and enemies from singleplayer and co-op experiences will likely spring to mind in an instant. From smart (or seemingly smart) foes in shooters to blatantly cheating high-difficulty commanders in an RTS game, humans have a... Read More

19 October 2017

Dale Bashir | 1 year ago

Last weekend, the students of KDU's Games & Anime Youth Association in collaboration with the Anime Culture Club and Anime Support Krew organized the first-ever KDU GameSquare 2017 at KDU Glenmarie. The even on the 14th and 15th of October, open for all from 10 a.m. until 10 ... Read More

30 January 2017

Melvyn Tan | 2 years ago

Most of us have probably heard of PAX, or Penny Arcade Expo, the festival about video games. Now there's PAX Unplugged, which is like PAX but focused on tabletop gaming instead. The new event was announced by Penny Arcade and ReedPOP at PAX South, and is due to on November 17&... Read More

24 May 2016

Aiman Maulana Editor | 3 years ago

So uhh, are buying pipes now? Can we kidnap Peach? Would we have Bowser kidnapping us instead of jail? Tired of the regular ol' Monopoly setting, but still enjoy the game itself? Want a more interesting spin to the Monopoly game that would jive well with your gaming history? Well, it loo... Read More

24 January 2016

Melvyn Tan | 3 years ago

This week, let's cut to the chase: Hideo Kojima and PS4 architect are travelling around the world on a tech tour East and West meet to embark on a trip around the world, as Hideo Kojima and PS4 architect Mark Cerny set out on a 10-day journey to seek out the ... Read More

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