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24 September 2017

Kin Boon | 4 weeks ago

It’s that time of the year at Tokyo Game Show is back for its annual run, and if you are a fan of Japanese games, it’s hard not to know what to expect from the biggest gaming convention in this region. Industry giants the likes of Square Enix, Sega... Read More

25 June 2017

Sacharrine | 4 months ago

Update: as of 26-6-2017 I tried the original Sonic the Hedgehog after downloading it off the Google Play Store. You DO need a constant internet connection even after downloading it for some reason. Otherwise, the game does work fine and downloads very quickly in WiFi. Have u... Read More

11 March 2017

Kurtis Chan | 7 months ago

Changes happen all the time in League of Legends, from new champion releases, champion reworks, to graphical updates, Riot Games is always busy trying the give its players a better experience while playing the game, but sometimes these changes are so ... Read More

6 March 2017

Melvyn Tan | 8 months ago

Offworld Industries have unveiled the planned additions that are to come with the Alpha 9 patch for their team-based Early Access shooter, Squad. Many of these come in the form of a number of new vehicles for the game's factions. The insurgents get motorbikes for faster tr... Read More

14 February 2017

Melvyn Tan | 8 months ago

Today is Valentine's Day, which means Sniper Elite 4 is finally out and ready to be played by the masses. Since last night however, reviews have been popping out of the bushes to deliver their judgement on Rebellion's sniping sequel - do they have good things to say... Read More

27 January 2017

Melvyn Tan | 9 months ago

As expected, Dota 2 has introduced a lunar new year special event. This year's event is called Dark Moon, and it's a wave-based defense mode where players team up to defend the temple of Selemene, the goddess of the moon. Available to play from now till Monday (February 6), players will h... Read More

19 May 2016

Aiman Maulana | 1 year ago

Demons, you say? This sure sounds like someone's furry fetish fantasies. What do you have in mind when you think of Pokémon? A kid-friendly series that involves a bunch of youngsters battling eachother using their pets? That's somewhat correct, but the important part here is 'kid-frie... Read More

18 April 2016

Melvyn Tan | 2 years ago

Total War: Warhammer Trailer Takes You on a Tour of the Old World There's no war or hammers in this trailer, just a look at some of the lands of the Old World. Still, the bleak skies and some of the more unsettling locations ensure that the Old World remains off of ... Read More

9 January 2016

Nicholas King | 2 years ago

With the game launching in February and the last phase of the beta over, let me get the most important question out of the way; Street Fighter V is not Street Fighter IV. In fact forget about what you know of SFIV as outside sharing the same namesake and some return... Read More

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