We're Recruiting Gamers

Whether you're a hardcore gamer like us or prefer prodding the pixel critters of the indie scene, we'll be more than thrilled to have you on board!

Gamehubs is always on the hunt for talented gamers with a lifelong passion for multi-platform gaming and the ability to weave textual magics out of a broad gaming intelligence. Yes, we're looking for writers who consume video games as a staple diet.

What about presenting in front of the camera? If you have the gift of persuasion and an infectious personality on top of your gaming addictions, let's have a chat.

Additionally, if you're familiar with the Esports front and know your way around Azeroth, Tyria, Post-nuclear Earth (or other cyber-realities ever created by your favourite publishers) including pillaging dungeons and slaying zergs, send us your updated resume and sample writings or a one-minute introduction video to:

Don't forget to include the subject: Gamer On Board.

We need a new party member