10 February 2017

Kin Boon |9 months ago

Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata has ruled out on plans in porting the game to the Nintendo Switch. Despite being a fan of the home console himself, the development team didn’t have the chance to test whether the RPG would run on the console. With that said, Tabata added t ... Read more

8 February 2017

Kin Boon |9 months ago

It’s a fact that console makers need full third-party support for their products to thrive, as one can only depend so much on first-party games. Nintendo learned this lesson the hard way with the Wii U, as the lack of third-party games was one of the reasons why it’s the worst ... Read more

Riez |9 months ago

All this while, any Nintendo 3DS gamers that you know would have their console registered either under any of the US states or Canada. This is so that they could purchase digital copies of their games rather than hunting for the physical copies out in the open market. However, for the past 5 ... Read more

7 February 2017

Kin Boon |10 months ago

During the Nintendo Switch reveal, EA had a brief appearance on stage to announce that they are working on a FIFA game for the console. No other details such as the title were revealed at the time, leaving fans to speculate the nature of the product. It has now been confirmed that the ... Read more

2 February 2017

Kin Boon |10 months ago

Important details of the Nintendo Switch was revealed last month in a live stream event, much to the joy of fans who have been looking forward to knowing more about Nintendo’s revolutionary home console. Besides the relevant info such as retail price and the release date, most ... Read more

27 January 2017

David Tan |10 months ago

Get a hold of them cheaters   Warning to cheaters who are still on the loose. The Pokemon Company recently banned nearly 6000 players who were cheating from Global Link, the main online feature in the game. From the announcement of Japanese Global Link page, they have confirmed that play ... Read more

26 January 2017

Melvyn Tan |10 months ago

In slightly less than a week we’ll be in the month of February, which means a whole month’s worth of new game releases to look forward to! Unlike January, western games have a larger presence this time around, though we’ve still got a notable ... Read more

25 January 2017

David Tan |10 months ago

Competitive Arms could be a thing Earlier today, EVO announced their tournament game lineups for this year via a livestream on Twitch. There are 9 games in total, 8 of them have already been locked in. The final game entry will be determined through a community charity event with 9 ... Read more

21 January 2017

Melvyn Tan |10 months ago

It's 2017, which means we have a whole new year's worth of games incoming. There'll be the usual big budget triple-A games, a host of indies, lots of sequels, some new IPs, more free-to-play games and all sorts of other ... Read more

19 January 2017

David Tan |10 months ago

Fire Emblem on Fire As reported yesterday, Nintendo held a Nintendo Direct solely focusing on the Fire Emblem series itself this morning. The presentation brought us several announcements, some of which we expected. There are 4 new Fire Emblem games mentioned in the pr ... Read more

18 January 2017

David Tan |10 months ago

All spotlights on Fire Emblem The next Nintendo Direct presentation will focus entirely on the  Fire Emblem series. The livestream will begin at 2p.m PT/5p.m ET tomorrow. No mention of how long the presentation will be, but we hope that Nintendo has much Fire Emblem in store for us ... Read more

17 January 2017

Kin Boon |10 months ago

Nintendo has recently confirmed the Switch’s release date and suggested retail price after the console first made headlines last year. Plenty of iconic series will be featured in the Switch’s lineup, including a new open world Super Mario game, a 2D Sonic game, and of course, ... Read more

16 January 2017

Kin Boon |10 months ago

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been confirmed as part of the launch lineup for the Nintendo Switch after months of speculation. The open world RPG looks to be a must-have game for the Switch, but fans might be required to do some extra shopping for memory cards, consider ... Read more

13 January 2017

David Tan |10 months ago

Mario's journey around the world Software sells hardware is what I believe. With the announcement of launching the Switch on March 3rd, several games had been showcased throughout the Nintendo Switch Presentation. A brand new 3D Mario game called Super Mario Odyss ... Read more

David Tan |10 months ago

The Nintendo Switch Presentation just ended a few hours ago and we are as excited as everyone out there who is going get one. As for the long-awaited price announcement of the console, the Nintendo Switch will be available for USD$300, arrives worldwide on March 3rd! With that said, h ... Read more

12 January 2017

David Tan |10 months ago

Shovelry Continues Yacht Club game, studio behind the successful retro 2D platformer RPG indie title Shovel Knight announced that the game will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year, along with the re-brand of the game and several updates coming soon this year. ... Read more

5 January 2017

Melvyn Tan |11 months ago

The ongoing wait for Half Life 3 has been long indeed, but it's still not as long as the one for Beyond Good and Evil 2. The first game came out in 2003 - five years before Half Life 2: Episode 2 - and while it didn't become a phenomenon like Valve's FPS series, it ended up with cult ... Read more

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