16 October 2017

Nicolas See Tho |1 year ago

The day has come lads, the day whereby Pokemon finally meets reality, and no we are not talking about Pokemon Go (It doesn't even count), no sir/ma'am, we are talking about the upcoming Great Detective Pikachu live action movie. That's right, everyone's favorite electric mouse is going to be ... Read more

4 October 2017

Dale Bashir |1 year ago

After 27 years in Sony Interactive Entertainment, President and CEO Andrew House steps down from his role and will be succeeded by Deputy President John Kodera. Andrew House will stay on the company as a Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment. “I’m tremendously prou ... Read more

19 September 2017

Nicolas See Tho |1 year ago

Tomb Raider is a series that never dies, as what is better than an empowering, beautiful and intelligent female figure roaming the world in search of lost artifacts while taking down baddies. This time, for fans of the 2013 reboot, the latest Tomb Raider live action movie will be taking cues fro ... Read more

28 August 2017

Kurtis Chan |1 year ago

Fans of Fallout and Loot Crate, this is a good news for you all as Vault-Tec and Loot Crate have worked together and a brand new gaming crate series, called the Fallout Crate, a bi-monthly bundle of exclusive Fallout apparel, collectibles and more, with themes celebrating your favorite ... Read more

22 August 2017

Dale Bashir |1 year ago

The Beethoven of video game music, Nobuo Uematsu, is coming to you live at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center on the 16th of December 2017. The former Final Fantasy composer is performing with his band, The Earthbound Papas, making this the first-ever performance by the Japanese prog-rock ba ... Read more

11 August 2017

Melvyn Tan |1 year ago

YouTuber Driftor is most likely known for his videos on shooter games - especially those in the Call of Duty series - in which he doles out weapon reviews, in-depth discussions and thoughts on various things, all while showing gameplay that makes me glad that there's a popular YouTuber who d ... Read more

7 August 2017

Dale Bashir |1 year ago

Daniel Licht, who composed the score for Silent Hill: Downpour, Silent Hill: Homecoming, and both installments of the Dishonored series, tragically passed away on the 2nd of August 2017. He died of a rare form of sarcoma and died in his home at the age of 60. He was an exceptional ... Read more

20 June 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

The huge following of Overwatch has inspired many creative works from fans, namely in the form of fan art, cosplay, webcomics, and fanfics. Such outlets are not stopping anytime soon, as shown in a new video showing how Blizzard’s hero shooter will play out as a classic turn-based JRPG. ... Read more

16 June 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

E3 might be the biggest yearly gaming event, but we all know that it can be a cringe fest at times, and this year's edition is not any different, besides the fact that none of the main developers delivered a memorable presentation. With that said, much of E3's magic also stemmed from the showroo ... Read more

9 June 2017

Sacharrine |1 year ago

If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to wander around the Mushroom Kingdom in the Super Mario games, you might not have all that long to wait. Universal Studios Japan seems to be working on a new Super Mario theme park called Super Nintendo World and it is as exciting ... Read more

6 June 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

Watch live video from DeeThane on www.twitch.tv The organizing of eSports stages used to be a rather typical affair, from setups in cyber cafes for your local and regional qualifier, up to a packed out arena with fancy lights and a grand stage for players to battle it out. While the format ... Read more

5 June 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

Having a good identifiable business logo is important to leave a lasting impression on current and prospective customers, but a certain Vietnamese skin clinic would never have thought about the huge impact generated from their chosen design. The Ho Chi Minh City-based clinic was reportedly usi ... Read more

3 June 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

VR and AR technology experienced a significant growth over the years, as seen from the efforts of video game developers in making more virtual reality titles for mass consumers. While it’s not turning mainstream anytime soon, there are certain technological companies that are inc ... Read more

1 June 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

Cosplayers are often passionate in what they do, as it’s usually not cheap or easy to prepare the props and costumes, even more so if they intend to take nice outdoor pictures as well. While it may turn out simple enough for them over time, but a certain Lara Croft cosplayer has gone the e ... Read more

31 May 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

To say Blizzard is a big company is a huge understatement by itself, so it’s not surprising for the well-known developer to have a big and fancy headquarters in Irvine. The compound is huge to the point where it can have its own Starbucks, which offers special drinks with a Blizzard twist. ... Read more

30 May 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

The Phoenix Comicon might not be a household name for conventions along the likes of San Diego Comic-Con and BlizzCon, but just like any mass gatherings of pop culture enthusiasts, it is bound to feature cosplayers. It is always nice to see these people displaying their love for a particular ... Read more

23 May 2017

Kin Boon |1 year ago

Longtime JRPG franchise Final Fantasy is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and while we have FF XII: The Zodiac Age and FF VII Remake to look forward to, one has to wonder whether Square Enix is planning for more main numbered releases down the road. And according to latest ... Read more

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