Next PlayerUnknown's Battleground test server update will include the long-awaited desert map, and it comes with a map-exclusive weapon

By Kurtis Chan on Dec 4, 2017

Remember back in May this year when Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene tweeted about two new maps that will be coming to PlayerUnknown's Battleground soon? Well, one of it will finally make its way to the game and it will be the desert map.

Image taken from PlayerUnknown's Battleground Twitter
Image taken from PlayerUnknown's Battleground Twitter

The test server for the PC full release of PUBG went offline recently and the PUBG team has confirmed that the desert map will be included in the upcoming test server update. Along with the map, players can also try out to brand new sawed-off shotgun that is set to be the first ever map-exclusive weapon.

The story behind the map is that it was destroyed during a war and the remains of the once beautiful place to visit are now covered and buried in sands due to sandstorms. This map is much smaller compared to the original and the first map mentioned above, 4km x 4km to be exact. The north side of the map features hillside slums, whereas the south and east side has a canyon with a river where the water is used to support the surviving small villages after the war.

If you don't feel like downloading and testing the new map before it is released, you can catch the world premiere gameplay of the desert map live during The Game Awards this coming Thursday, 7th December (Friday, 8th December, 8.30am Malaysian Time). Watch it live on The Game Awards' YouTube Channel or Twitch.

For more updates on PUBG, do follow their Twitter as they constantly tweet about the game's update there.

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