Guide: How to effectively farm for Food, Event Points, and Contribution Points in King's Raid Thanksgiving event

By Kurtis Chan on Dec 1, 2017

The Thanksgiving event in King's Raid has just started and this time around, Vespa has decided to make this one different from the previous ones where players have to gather Food ingredients by fighting Boss Monsters in any of the chapters unlocked, craft Food with it and then giving it to Juno in Hero's Inn. After giving Food to Juno, players will receive Contribution Points as well as Event Points depending on the Food. Here is a simple guide on how to obtain these ingredients effectively and which Food is the best to invest in.

How to obtain every food ingredient?

The map of Chapter 1
The map of Chapter 1

There are four different Boss Monsters in every chapter of King's Raid and each of them will drop different ingredients. The clearing the first boss will drop Grain, the second boss drops Fruit, the third boss will be Sweetener, and Meat will be obtainable from the last boss. Let's take Chapter 1 for example, the map that has Boss Monsters are 1-7 (first), 1-11 (second), 1-16 (third) and 1-20 (fourth).

Ingredients, Contribution Points and Event Points for each Food

Three different Food are craftable for this event and each food has different tiers- Turkey Roast (Legendary), Cranberry Pie (Ancient), and Corn Bread (Epic). Here is the list of ingredients needed to craft each food as well as how much Contribution Points and Event Point is rewarded.

Food Ingredients Contribution Points Event Points
Turkey Roast 2 Meats, 1 Sweetener & 1 Fruit 70 50
Cranberry Pie 1 Grain & 1 Fruit 50 10
Corn Bread 1 Grain & 1 Sweetener 25 35

What are Contribution Points and Event Points? Which is better?

Contribution Points are used to increase a player's Contribution Rank and rewards will be given after leveling up in ranks, up until rank 4.

Event Points are used to redeem different rewards in the Thanksgiving Shop at Hero's Inn. And here is the list of items that can be redeemed.

Items Required Points Purchase Limit
Small Turkey Box 1900 Unlimited
Upper Dungeon Key Pack  600 5 times
Stockade Key Pack 600 5 times
Stone of Infinity 10000 1 time
Costume Ticket (Idol Star) 12000 1 time

If you have to focus on accumulating only one type of points, Event Points will be a better choice in my opinion. The reason is that it is not worth it to spend time on Contribution Points as the rewards are not that lucrative, not even the Well-Done Turkey Roast Artifact (Effect: Every 15 sec, recover HP equal to 1% of Max HP for 3 sec).

Thanksgiving Shop item list
Thanksgiving Shop item list

Which Food is the best to farm for the event?

If you're guessing Turkey Roast or you have been farming for it, stop it immediately! This might be shocking, but Corn Bread is the best choice out of all three Foods. According to a calculation done by Redditor Yuj808, here is the reason why you should invest your stamina on farming for Corn Bread ingredients:

Turkey Roast

Ingredients and gold required for one Turkey Roast
Ingredients and gold required for one Turkey Roast

Turkey Roast gives a total of 120 points each (70 Contribution Points & 50 Event Points). It requires 4 total materials (2 Meats, 1 Sweetener, 1 Fruit) and costs 15,000 gold for each Turkey Roast.

Now, let's compare with the Corn Bread.

Corn Bread

Ingredients and gold required for one Corn Bread
Ingredients and gold required for one Corn Bread

Corn Bread gives a total of 60 points each (25 Contribution Points & 35 Event Points). It requires only 2 materials (1 Grain & 1 Sweetener) and 2,500 gold to craft one.

Let's do some quick and simple maths, two Corn Bread gives you a total of 120 points (50 Contribution Points & 70 Event Points) and you only need 5,000 gold, which is 10,000 gold cheaper than crafting a Turkey Roast. Besides that, it also gives more Event Points than Contribution Points, talking about value.

With these, every player should be farming for Corn Breads, right now! The ingredients for Corn Bread can be acquired at Boss Monster 1 (Grain) and Boss Monster 3 (Sweetener) of each chapter.


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