How Does Ragnarok Online Fare In Our Current Generation?

By Nicolas See Tho on Nov 28, 2017

Yesterday, Ragnarok Online fans began their journey through Midgard as the Closed Beta was released to the public, and nostalgia aside, many a player returned to some familiar places. While the towns are not as crowded as what the original used to be, the popular hotspots are filled with players grinding their way to reach Level 50 in order to earn in-game rewards. 

Kafra, go home, you are drunk
Kafra, go home, you are drunk

There is much to do in this modern iteration of our favourite game but whatever memories it brought back, it has also brought back some old glitches. Starting off with the abysmal movement mechanics of the game, whereby players are really at the mercy of the server, as your character rubber bands it's way while attempting to escape from mobs of creatures which usually results in death if you have low armour and HP. There are some early server bugs in the Kafra as well, with certain NPCs in town saving your location wrongly, ex: Prontera's kafra saves you in Geffen and so forth. 


Just chilling in Al De Baran
Just chilling in Al De Baran

Otherwise, the game is exactly as fans remember it, grind and all. I played as a wizard to test out the training speed for this server, which was set at double experience throughout the Closed beta period, and by the end of yesterday, I managed to reach LV 46 which in all honesty wasn't that bad. The cash shop items, however, do play a major role here, as they give players quite a significant upgrade to their training speed, with small status upgrades as well as usage of key support skills that would otherwise require you to have a priest in your party. 

Old haunts such as Sograt desert and Yuno Field are still popular places to train in for archers and Mages, with their own degree of danger as well. With our current advancements in internet speed, however, the game definitely feels a lot smoother compared to its last time around, but that could change once the number of players increases dramatically, once the Open Beta releases. 

Here are some tips for players looking to level fast:

  1. Finish the newbie training, as it gets you to job level 10 extremely fast
  2. Check out online guides for the best way to effectively train in order to maximize your exp gain and use less time for more gains
  3. Don't worry about getting zeny as the server will data wipe at the end, but once the real server opens, collect everything the mobs drop, as every etc counts.

So, if you are interested in reliving your childhood MMO days, then download the client here, and enjoy one 2 more days of Closed beta while earning yourselves some cool in-game rewards in the meantime. 

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