Razer Drops A Date On A New Reveal, And Most Likely It Is Their New Smartphone

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 12, 2017

Today, Razer had just low key hinted at a big announcement coming on November first, hinted by their Facebook post(below) which directs you to a page that foreshadows a big unveil.


While there are many guesses as to what the big reveal may be, but we think it is the launch of their new smartphone. Previously, Razer had bought over Nextbit which led to many wondering if there will be a Razer smartphone, and that may very well be the theme of this new launch. This could also mean we might be seeing a whole new mobile OS, which will be a breather for an already saturated market of smartphones but undoubtedly, it will most likely to be running on an Android.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves as Razer has been known to pull a few surprises before, thus, let's wait for the launch on the day itself and see what Razer has in store for us.

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