[Review] Kraken Land, A Fun 3D Platformer for All Ages

By Dale Bashir on Oct 11, 2017

3D platformers are hard to come by these days, outside of very indie, Kickstarted endeavors on consoles and Steam, it is an even rarer occurrence. Games of this genre and magnitude just aren't abundant on mobile platforms, due to the limited controls on phones and the 3D platformers infamous struggles with camera control, but not impossible. Kraken Land by French developers Honikou Games proves that there is a lot that can be done with the genre on the mobile platform.

Kraken Land, a free 3D platformer for IOS and Android devices that proves that 3D platformers can thrive on mobile phones. You control a little baby Kraken with a cute blue bandana, as you make your way across pirate themed levels, platforming across chasms and fighting all sorts of crustaceans. In between all this, there are also different types of coins to collect and secret areas of the levels to explore.

As the baby Kraken, your only moves are to jump, double jump and to run in any direction. Given the medium's limited controls, this is understandable and allows for the developers to build the levels only on those aspects alone. There are also three power-ups that switch out your jump for another ability. The power-ups are the Seagull, that allows you to fly across huge gaps in the level, the TNT barrel, that makes you do a ground pound, and a Chili, that allows you to dash quickly in a single direction. Though the power-ups are situational and have a mini challenge associated with them when it is found in a level. If you're just speeding through the level, accidentally picking the power-up makes you lose your ability to jump until the power-up is depleted and can hamper your speedrun of the level

Speaking of speedruns, the game does have some social aspects to it. There are daily challenges where you can test your time finishing the level against other players in the world. There are also daily log-in rewards that give you all sorts of coins and more. The coins you collect throughout levels can be used to upgrade the power-ups so that you can use them longer. There are also 3 mini-missions within a level and some require multiple playthroughs to complete the missions and earn a star. And lastly, every level has times to finish which incentivizes speedrunning and finding the best routes to a level. 


As you can see the game is quite robust in its current state, there's only one world and 16 levels as of now and the developers, Honikou Games, already state that more levels will come in a future update. Its heavily inspired by Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS, so if you're a big fan of that, you would love this game. Overall, it is a wholesome and fun experience for all.

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