Dust 2 will be back in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive after a nine-month hiatus

By Kurtis Chan on Oct 10, 2017

When in the topic of maps in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, nothing else comes to mind as quickly as Dust 2, the most iconic map in the entire franchise. Valve recently made an announcement through the CS:GO official Twitter stating that the map will be returning to the game much sooner than what everyone expected.

As can be seen in Valve's Tweet, the updated and revamped version of Dust 2 will be arriving in the next CS:GO beta depot for players to test out. Valve failed to mention how long will the beta last for or when will the map hit live servers, but the CS:GO community is speculating that it will be coming in a few weeks time, since the previous update for the game was just 5 days ago. A preview of Dust 2 can also be seen in the Tweet and it does not look as dusty as the current one.

Dust 2 was removed from the Active Duty map pool of CS:GO back in February this year, and was replaced by the revamped version of Inferno. So, the same thing will happen when Dust 2 returns to the Active Duty map pool, another map will be going through the same process to keep the map update cycle going.


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