[Review] Iron Marines, A Fast-Paced Real Time Strategy Game for Mobile

By Dale Bashir on Oct 10, 2017

Fans of Kingdom Rush should get their hands on Ironhide Studios' new space RTS game, Iron Marines. Following Blizzard's example of following up Warcraft with a space-themed version, Starcraft, Iron Marines sets you off in space as a commander of space troopers to liberate planets from an alien menace. And that's not the only thing it borrows from Starcraft.

Instead of its predecessor's tower defense style of gameplay, Iron Marines is a real-time strategy game where you control one hero character and are able to recruit troops by fortifying strongholds throughout the map. The game is also mission-based instead of a static map where players have to defend from oncoming threats, the map is expansive with tons of nooks and crannies to explore, with the mini-map having darkened spots for places you haven't explored yet, an RTS staple, incentivising you to explore as you seek out your next mission objective. 

There are a variety of missions, ranging from liberating enemy strongholds to even tower defense style challenges. You pick a hero that has a variety of skills to fight off the alien menace and by liberating and building bases, you can create turrets and troops to battle oncoming threats. There are regular troopers, snipers, mechs with flamethrowers, rockets and more. With all of that in your arsenal, the game actually provides quite a challenge with a high difficulty and takes quite a while to get a hang off. Luckily, the game is quite forgiving as you are able to respawn as long as you have even 1 trooper alive, even if your hero dies it is not game over. Your hero will respawn after a few moments and your troops can always be rebuilt if you have enough resource points. 

Outside of battle, there are skill trees for your overall arsenal, your heroes abilities and you can buy extra consumables that can help in your adventure. Levels are selected through a map outlining the planet you are in and there are also additional challenges along the way to earn in-game currency. At the start of the game, only two heroes are available to play and one more unlocked after Level 5, unfortunately, the other 6 heroes are locked by a paywall and need to be unlocked with real-world money. 

All in all, Iron Marines is a great time on your phone, especially if you're a fan of Kingdom Rush and Starcraft. Though it is a paid game, the game cannot escape its micro-transaction ways and that might just turn people away from this. Though I would say that the game is perfectly fine the way it is, it has sharp visuals, engaging and tough gameplay and that's enough for it to be a game you should check out.

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