Season 7 rewards for League of Legends players have been announced

By Kurtis Chan on Oct 10, 2017

League of Legend Season 7 is coming to an end soon as per tradition, players who have at least completed their placements in ranked games will receive rewards from Riot as a token of appreciation. Let's take a look at what rewards Riot has to offer for their players.

Rank Rewards

Victorious Graves

The Victorious skin is the reward to aim for every Summoner as it is a skin exclusively released for Summoners who are in Gold Tier when the season ends and it is not purchasable in the store. This year, the champion that will be receiving the magnificent Victorious skin. And this year, Riot is being extremely kind by giving extra Victorious Graves Chroma to players, but with conditions though.

  • One Chroma for reaching Gold and above in Ranked Solo/Duo
  • One Chroma for reaching Gold and above in Ranked Flex
  • One Chroma for Gold and above players with 50 Ranked wins this season

As for players who are eligible to receive the Victorious Graves skin, don't worry if you do not own Graves champion as Riot will unlock him for you as well!

Victorious Ward Skin

Riot has lowered the requirement for players to earn the Victorious ward, from Gold to Silver, The reason is that they want to allow Summoners who likes to play in several queues.

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