[Review] The Sims Mobile Provides Little To Stay With

By Nicolas See Tho on Oct 10, 2017

The Sims is probably a household name synonymous with electrical fires and random pool murders. Some might even mistake the game for an interior design simulator but let's not kid ourselves here. Well, recently, we got to try out the new Sims Mobile which was released for the iOS and the Android, and early looks proved to be deceiving.

Socializing done wrong
Socializing done wrong

At first glance, the game looks and feels like The Sims reminiscent to the desktop game just with mobile-friendly controls, but lo and behold as we see that energy bar hovering on the top left side of the screen. The epitome of a cash grab comes in the form of an energy bar but I told myself to perhaps give the game a chance as not all games with the energy system are one and the same. Thus, I proceeded to analyze the other features of The Sims Mobile.

The character customisation definitely does appeal to longtime fans of Sims, with a diverse wardrobe to choose from after you pass the tutorial stage with the catch being you have to earn tons of in-game currency to be the snazziest Sim of them all. Players can choose to customize body characteristics, fashion apparel, and accessories which are all part and parcel of the game. One of the key attractions from the Sims franchise is undoubtedly the furniture customisation system. Similar to its desktop brethren, Sims Mobile will bring back a wide variety of furniture back to the game, all at the cost of in-game currency and real cash. The cash items, however, are sadly more effective than the normal furniture as they can provide additional benefits to your sims when compared to the normal items.

Image result for sims mobile
Image result for sims mobile

Moving on to the social aspect of the game, The Sims Mobile does let you add your friends who are playing the game, and you can befriend them and event hold parties in-game with them, adding to that socialite touch. However, the limitations are apparent with the energy system as every action requires you to use energy, which can be annoying as your energy capacity is usually never enough to finish the whole event, forcing you to constantly log in again at a later period to finish the same event. 

The progression system faces the same issue, as energy seems to be used for everything in this game, which gives players like me who enjoy persistent gameplay annoyed. As you Sims level up, you can gain perks and unlock better careers while advancing through those careers itself is a grind, as you repeat the same event over and over again until your level progresses. If the developer is reading this, I would suggest that you make the job progression system energy free, as it is a waste of time if we can only play half of the Sims each time we log in.

All in all, The Sims Mobile will definitely be attractive for a long time Sims fans, but with the annoying energy system in place, one will most likely be turned off from this game rather quickly.




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