Clash Royale October Update sneak peek #2- New Game Modes

By Kurtis Chan on Oct 9, 2017

After introducing the new Quest system that will be replacing the current Achievements, Supercell has announced that there will be new game modes added into the game in the second sneak peek for October Update. Let's take a look at the new game mode called Touchdown which we had discussed before and also some tweaks to the current game modes.

Touchdown Mode

  • Completely new game mode, without towers!
  • You score a crown by getting any of your troops to the opponent's side of the arena. The match ends when you get 3 crowns or after 3 minutes. There is also a Sudden death overtime.
  • It is limited to Draft 2v2 for now.
  • (Cannon Cart and Bomb Tower are actually good in this mode.)

Ladder Bonus Rewards

  • Time-limited events that allows you to get gold or gems for destroying enemy towers on ladder.
  • Only in 1v1.
  • Towers get a new shiny gold skin.
  • (Scoring gems for destroyed towers (even if you don't win) sounds pretty good, doesn't it?)

New 2v2 Emotes and Rematch

  • You have the option to rematch with your teammate! Even with a random one.
  • You can play 2v2 challenges with your friends. Good bye random teammates ruining your way to 12 wins.
  • After each 2v2 match, you can chat with your teammate with predefined phrases. Your opponents don't see them.
  • (Now you can BM not only during the match, but afterwards too!)

Improved Challenges

  • There are new challenge types.
  • Casual challenges are not over after 3 losses, you can play until you get all the rewards.
  • In some challenges, you score with the crowns, not with the wins.
  • Multi-stage challenges allow you to join the next stage only after finishing the previous.
  • Mirror Challenge gives you and your opponent (or opponents, if it's 2v2) exactly the same decks.
  • (There's usually Mirror, Golem, Royal Giant, Heal and Bomb Tower in it. So much fun!)

Clash Royale seems to be getting more and more interesting with the introduction of Touchdown as well as Gold Rush and Gem Rush to make it more rewarding for players who are grinding the rank ladder as well. Supercell has one more sneak peek for fans and players to see and we here at Gamehubs can't wait to see what Supercell has in store for us.

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