Killing strangers, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider debuts a new trailer

By Dale Bashir on Aug 11, 2017

Do the impossible, kill a God, the tagline for Dishonored's new stand alone add-on calls for players to rise again for one last job in Karnaca. The new playable character, Billie Lurk was introduced way back in the first Dishonored's expansion, The Knife of Dunwall, reuniting with her old mentor, the one, and only Daud. Together they must work together to defeat The Outsider, who has been behind all the machinations of the Empire.

Billie Lurk is voiced by Rosario Dawson, famous for playing Claire Temple in Marvel's series of Netflix exclusives, and is the only playable character. unlike Dishonored 2 which has Corvo and Emily as interchangeable player characters. This is also parallel to the Knife of Dunwall DLC where Daud was playable and she was helping the player out. This time the roles are reversed as Daud takes a backseat while the player takes control of Billie with her own brand of unique abilities.

There also new enemies that appear from some sort of void, with deadly knives for hands and ghastly features. Billie and Daud will encounter these creatures along the way as they try to get closer and closer to the man pulling the strings, The Outsider. Players will get to experience this momentous feat when the add-on is released on the 15th of September 2017 on the XBox One, PC, and PS4. 

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