Liberate The Commonwealth with Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition

By Dale Bashir on Aug 11, 2017

Those who missed out Fallout 4 the first time around or those who didn't get to play the DLCs when it first came out, rejoice as Bethesda is releasing Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition next month on the 26th of September for PC, PS4 and XBox One. Brave the apocalyptic wasteland of Boston, Massachusetts, and fight for your survival. Enter the vault, get frozen, see your son get kidnapped and escape the vault to a world that has changed so much since your 210-year slumber. A tale as old as time really.


Included in the Game of The Year Edition are all the DLCs which are the 3 story driven DLCs, Automatron, Far Harbour and Nuka-World. These three added new areas to uncover, new story elements, new NPCs, enemies, weapons and more. These story expansions were originally available throughout 2016. In between the story expansions, there were the three Workshop expansions that expanded the tools and resources the players could craft in the game world. The three Workshop expansions are Wasteland Workshop, Contraptions Workshop, and Vault-Tec Workshop, which added numerous things for the player to add to their fortified settlements around the world. All these DLCs were released throughout 2016 and with varying prices unless one were to have the season pass. With this GOTY version, players get a chance to play complete Fallout 4 experience.

The real-life Pip-Boys are also making a comeback to coincide with the release of the Game of the Year Edition. The original release saw the Pipboys be sold out and a rare find for most players and collectors. Now Bethesda is giving their fans another chance to get their hands on this iconic gaming peripheral. So if you missed out on it before, now's your chance to grab Fallout 4 and find out why war never changes. Pro tip: Follow the Freedom Trail as soon as you can. Good luck out there, all you Wastelanders!


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