Doraemon Story Of Seasons Will Release On October 11th

By Dale Bashir on Aug 14, 2019

Everyone's favourite robot cat from the future is coming back to video games in a huge way with Doraemon Story of Seasons. Doraemon is an immensely popular franchise, especially for us here in South East Asia, so it is great to see that our beloved childhood anime is getting a full game for modern video game systems. 

Typically, Doraemon games don't leave Japan, as the West isn't as familiar with the franchise, so Bandai Namco didn't feel the need to localise the games for the region. This left us here in South East Asia to only be able to enjoy the games in their native Japanese. Doraemon Story Of Seasons will be the first Doraemon game to have a full English release. 

Doraemon Story Of Seasons is actually a crossover between Doraemon and the Story Of Seasons franchise, aka Harvest Moon to us who played the games in English. Instead of the typical Harvest Moon protagonist, the game has you take control of the main character of the franchise, Nobita, and help him in raising a farm, with a little help from Doraemon's gadgets of course. 

For us English speaking gamers, Doraemon Story Of Seasons will be released on October 11th for PC and Nintendo Switch. The game was released on June 13th for Japan. Doraemon fans are sure to not miss out on this. 

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