Mario Kart VR drifts into the scene

By Dale Bashir on Jul 13, 2017

Mario Kart, the quintessential karting game with friendship ruining capabilities, is getting a VR version for NAMCO BANDAI's VR ZONE amusement centers in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The game will be available this summer, with four players driving go-karts around while tossing banana peels and green Koopa shells, all in a Mushroom Kingdom inspired virtual space.  

Let's hope we get to do the Luigi Death Stare while we're at it. 

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This VR center is also home to the awesome looking Dragonball VR, which is also coming out this summer.

With VR parks opening all across Malaysia, we do hope that VR versions of our favorite gaming and anime franchises make it to our shores someday. In the meantime, we do have a brand new VR theme park called Exa Outpost right here in KL with their own brand of games to play. Check out Exa Outpost in our review on it and more recently our interview with EXA Global, the company that owns and operates Exa Outpost.

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