Overwatch Roadhog's unofficial Hook 4.0 sends him and the enemy hooked for an adventure of a lifetime

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 21, 2017

Roadhog's hook has been the main topic of discussion ever since the beginning of Overwatch, and Blizzard has been putting in so much effort to make his Hook to be more balanced in the game. According to the most recent patch notes, there are no information on any changes to Roadhog's Hook but it has a brand new 'ability' where it will send Roadhog himself and the enemy hooked flying, sometimes even off the map.

Roadhog's Hook bug was discovered by Reddit user, Decod, where he posted the footage of the unofficial Hook 4.0 in action. In his game of Genji at the third payload point of Numbani, he got hooked by the enemy team's Roadhog, and little did both of them know, the Hook's bug send them flying from the point and off the map. Take a look at the video shared by Decod:

Here is a video from the enemy Roadhog's point of view:

Apparently not only does this bug exist in the PC version of Overwatch, but also the console versions. LS Matt LS, an Overwatch XBox player also experienced the same situation in his game as Lucio in Nepal. Although he was lucky to not fly off the map, he was not lucky enough to survive the terror of scraps.

Blizzard has not spoken about this bug yet so no one knows when the fix for it will be coming. I have personally tried it out in different games but it did not happen even once. Has anyone encounter this bug in games before? Do let us know!

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