MMO Fighting game, Lost Saga is coming to Malaysia and Singapore

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 20, 2017

Lost Saga is a free to play MMO fighting game that has been serving many countries including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, North America, Indonesia and Thailand. The game is finally making its way to Malaysia and Singapore for more interested people to experience the fun.

The 3D Fighting Action game, Lost Saga, was developed by WemadeIO, one of the biggest developers in Korea, and the game will be published in Malaysia and Singapore by PlayOne Asia, who are also the publishers for Blackshot and Echo of Soul.

With the slogan 'Fight Your Heart Out', Lost Saga guarantess endless epic battles and action with more than 180 heroes that has their own uniques skills and abilities for players to choose from and reign supreme. The hero roster also features real-life legends as well as characters from myths like Bruce Lee, Son Wu Kong, and many more. 


Lost Saga consist of more than 15 game modes that ranges from serious fighting game modes like 1v1 and Team Deathmatch, to casual modes like the Soccer mode and Zombie mode. Players can choose to join any game modes they desire, and they also choose to play with friends, other online players or even against AI in the AI Team Deathmatch or Boss Raids. Here is a brief introduction to some of the game's popular modes:

Prisoner Mode : Make all your opponents your prisoners before they turn you into theirs.

  • Objective
    • Capture all your opponents and push them out of the arena to prevent them from respawning.
  • Rules
    • When your HP drops to 0, you start dropping your gears and after that, you’ll be tied up as a prisoner.
    • You can be freed by your teammates once they attack you after you have become a prisoner.
    • If you drop out of the map after becoming a prisoner, you will be out until the next round.

Team Deathmatch : Work with your teammates to kill the opposing team.

  • Objective
    • Kill your opponents to score points.
  • Rules
    • Score 10 points by killing your opponents after their gears drop.
    • First team to achieve 100 points wins the match.

Boss Raid : Work together to kill formidable bosses.

  • Objective
    • Kill 3 different monster bosses with other players.
  • Rules
    • There are no rules, kill the 3 bosses or be crushed by them.

Soccer Mode : Play soccer with your favourite heroes and score against your opponents.

  • Objective:
    • Choose your favourite hero and use it to play soccer and strike the ball into your opponents’ goal.
  • Rules:
    • First team to score 3 goals wins the match.

Character Customization


The 180 heroes of Lost Saga will be released by batch in intervals. Every hero is customizable so players can equip different gears to change their hero's skills, as well as equipping cosmetic items for their heroes to look cool and stand out in the battlefield.

Lost Saga as an e-Sport

One of the major goals of Lost Saga is to become a leading e-Sports game in the Southeast Asia region. With the Lost Saga World Championships happening every year, PlayoneAsia is looking to expand the exposure of the game in the e-Sports scene by hosting and organizing all sorts of tournaments after the game is launched.

More information on Lost Saga

Lost Saga's close beta testing will commence on 10th May 2017 until 14th May 2017. The game will go into official service right after the close beta testing if everything goes according to plan. Visit their official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel to learn more about the game before its launch.


Instagram: @sealostsaga

YouTube : PlayOneAsia Official


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