Riot Games has released details on League of Legends' latest rotatting game mode, Dark Star: Singularity

By Kurtis Chan on Apr 20, 2017

Riot Games teased players about the new rotating game mode that is hitting the PBE server soon a few days ago, and its name and details has been revealed. The latest game mode is called Dark Star: Singularity and it features only one champion, Thresh, and the Dark Star Thresh skin is the only option to equip. Dark Star: Singularity takes place in a new map called Cosmic Ruins, where each team with 3 players will battle it out to push and pull the enemy Threshs into the Dark Star. This is the first game mode that will have a Best of 3 rounds format, and the first team to score 100 points wins the round.

Besides the new game mode and its new game mechanics, another new thing in this game mode is Thresh's abilities. Well, it's not exactly new but changed to be different from what we see and play in other game modes. Here are the details of Dark Star: Singularity as posted by Rabid Llama in the League of Legends Champions and Gameplay Feedback Board:

Death Sentence (Q):

  • Range increased and cooldown decreased for efficient soul harvesting.
  • If you throw a Death Sentence through the center of the Dark Star, it lights on fire and does bonus damage
  • Pulls enemies much farther based on their missing health

Dark Passage (W):

  • An ally in danger will be automatically saved by Dark Passage, without them needing to click on the lantern.
  • (Cooldown actually increased some, and no longer gives a shield, though!)

Flay (E):

  • Throws enemies much farther based on their missing health, cooldown decreased.
  • The passive part (bonus magic damage on next hit) charges much faster and hits harder.

The Box (R):

  • Not available on the Cosmic Ruins. Thresh doesn't need his box to end the universe.

How to earn points:
Fling enemies into the Dark Star to sacrifice their souls and earn points!

  • Abyss Scuttlers = 1 point
  • Champions = 5 points


  • Enemies CANNOT be killed by basic attacks or ability damage.
  • Hook and flay enemies into the Dark Star for an instant-kill them
  • The less health an enemy has when you hook/flay them, the further they will travel.
    • Try basic attacking enemies first before flaying them to make it easier to get them into the Dark Star.


  • Thresh will spawn in space around the edge of the map. Move around in space and step onto the Cosmic Ruins from wherever you like.
    • You're untargetable while out there, but you also can't cast spells or attack until you enter the arena
  • Spawn times are super short, so you can get back in the action

Gravity Anchors:

  • Three Gravity Anchors are positioned around the Cosmic Ruins (look for the blue orbs)
  • Hooking one will automatically pull Thresh to it
    • This will also break Thresh out of any disable/knockback! Use it to save yourself when there's no lanterns around.

Abyss Scuttlers:

  • The last remaining denizens of the Cosmic Ruins.
  • Sacrifice them to the Dark Star.
  • Use them as cover from enemy hooks


  • To keep the mode focused, progression elements like Gold, XP, and Items have been disabled
  • Thresh is level 3, and has points automatically distributed to his skills
  • You start with six items in your inventory that are totally what give you your Amazing Dark Star Powers and not just places to put tooltips about the game rules. Totally.


The game mode seems to be a lot of fun after reading its details and I for one can't wait to play it in the PBE. Dark Star Singularity is now available to play in the PBE 7.9 cycle. If the feedback received is positive, we might see this game mode making it to live servers during patch 7.9.

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