NieR: Automata's first DLC will let you battle Square Enix and Platinum Games' CEOs with NieR-inspired skins

By Melvyn Tan on Apr 17, 2017

Image source: Gematsu
Image source: Gematsu

If you're looking to extend your stay in NieR: Automata and have no interest in unlocking its alternate endings, then the newly revealed "3C3C1D119440927"(an award-winning name, for sure) DLC might prove to be welcome news. 

Announced during the “One Million Shipments Commemoration” live stream, the DLC will include three colleseums where you can indulge in robot slashing once again. If that sounds too mundane, then know that you will also get to face off against the respective CEOs of Square Enix and Platinum Games, Yosuke Matsuda and Kenichi Sato. These guys are capable of bombarding you with a fearsome barrage of energy-covered heads (theirs) and are clad in indestructible suits, making them opponents to be wary of.

Fortunately, they won't be the only ones with fancy outfits in the DLC. Claiming victory in colloseum battles will reward you with outfits inspired by those from the original NieR. Needless to say, 2B's "Revealing Outfit" (inspired by Kainé) is my favourite and gives her a very different look. It doesn't come with a skirt though, so I guess it won't provide an easy way of unlocking NieR: Automata's "What Are You Doing?" trophy...

9S and A2 get their own outfits too, making them look like Nier and expose less skin than 2B. There're also other things, like hairspray to change 2B and A2's hair colour with. Never before have I been so thrilled with the idea of cosmetic additions.

The DLC will be released in Japan on May 2 at the cost of 1,500 Yen (RM60.90), and is "coming soon" to North America and Europe.

Ta, Gematsu.

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