Make the most out of Flash in League of Legends with this 7 simple tips

By Kurtis Chan on Mar 19, 2017


Flash is one of the summoner spells that is available in League of Legends. Most of the time, everyone player will have Flash as one of the two summoner spells they can equip before getting into a game as it is considered to be an important and must have spell because it grants you the ability to instantly switch your position to wherever your cursor is pointing at within a 425 units range, and this allows players to make creative plays as well as escaping from the brink of death. Here are some tips to make the most out your Flash in game to ensure victory is achieved.

1. Securing Kills

Let's start off with the simple ones. One of the main purposes of Flash is to use as a gap closer to secure kills, but sometimes mindlessly flashing in will instead get you killed. Most of the time, players flash in order to try and chase down the enemy, even when they can't burst them down and all that results is that they both use flash, this is not the right way to do it and it doesn't gain you any particular advantage.   Try saving your flash and only using it when you know you have enough burst damage to instantly kill the enemy. This way not only is it much more likely that you will secure a kill, but also possible that they will die while wasting their flash.


2. Dodge Skillshots and Abilities

This one is also a no-brainer. A lot of people tend to get hit, lose a lot of health and then flash. Unless you survived a gank from the enemy with your flash, then it is definitely worth it. However if you know that you're going to die if skills like Lee Sin Q lands and he can follow up, flashing before it hits you not only can help you survive, but turn the tide of a battle if you have allies coming in for a counter gank.

One thing to always remember is to not flash in a straight line. Flashing into different directions will help you evade skillshots much easier as the enemy can't predict where you're gonna flash. But if they manage to predict where you're flashing, RIP. You can also flash through skillshots like Ashe, Jinx and Malphite's ultimates that are travelling towards you. Some abilities like Vi's ultimate and Maokai's W can't be flashed away, once it's locked onto you, they will still go to you no matter how far you got away.


3. Block projectiles

Besides dodging skillshots, you can also flash to take the skillshot but in return saving your allies life. For example, when the enemy Caitlyn uses her ultimate on an ally and you know that it will mean death, flashing in front of your ally can block the bullet for him/her, and maybe you'll receive an honor point for the heroic display.


4. Flashing over walls

Fail flashes happen all the time in League of Legends, even happens to the pros, especially when trying to flash over walls. Flashing over walls is very effective, because most champions don't have a way to follow without using their own flash. Due to the fact that cooldown on flash is so long, sometimes waiting for a good opportunity to wall jump with it is more effective than instantly flashing away from an opponent.

However, if your flash would leave you INSIDE of a wall, then you will automatically appear at the nearest available/standable spot. This means that if you flash only 49% of the distance of the wall, it results in a fail flash which you'll stay on the same side and go almost nowhere. If you flash 51% of the distance, you'll pop out on the other end; ultimately, this gives you much more total distance travelled than simply using flash in an open area would allow. To flash over most larger walls, you have stand very, very close to the wall before you flash. If you intend to flash the wall, you need to click as close to the wall as you can and reach that point before flashing.


5. Instant spell cast

With single target point and click abilities such as Ryze's W or Maokai's W, there is an effective instant cast trick you can do with flash. If you target someone with a target lock on ability, your champion will move into range and then cast the spell. However, if you're in flash range but outside of your skill range, you can lock onto your target first and then flash into range to immediately cast the ability.

With this trick, you don't have to flash in and then try to target them. If your enemy has quick reflexes, they can still flash instantly after you do. This technique also stops the animation of casting the spell, and it is very useful and sneaky when trying to pick an enemy off.


6. Changing spell trajectory

This one is extremely useful and sometimes requires prediction. With this technique, you can flash after casting the spell, mid-air, to achieve far better results than otherwise possible. It doesn't only changes the directory but also increases the distance of the ability. For example, Shen can be deadly if you can pull off this trick using his Taunt. First, dash to your opponent with Taunt, while he is still dashing, flash to your enemy for an instant Taunt. That way they won't have a chance to escape unless they were smart enough to flash prematurely.

Take a look at the video below. Former Team Liquid's jungler, IWDominate did an insane spell trajectory change with Gragas during the 2015 NA LCS 3rd place match against Team Impulse. This sick move of his has been stuck in my head ever since I've watched it live.


7. Tricking your enemy

The last tip requires you to be more creative in using your flash. Usually, people will flash over walls to escape from danger. But what if walk to a wall and flash to the nearest adjacent bush instead of over the wall? This move is fairly hard to pull off as not everywhere on summoners Rift allows you to pull it off. But once you did it, it's definitely a thug life juke moment.


Hopefully this guide will guide you in using your flash better. Got any more techniques? Let us know!

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