Spoiler Speculation On Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC And Kingdom Hearts 4

By Dale Bashir on Feb 28, 2019

Kingdom Hearts 3 has come and gone but it’s not over just yet. While we may have waited a long time for this installment, we might have to wait a bit more for it to be whole. Ardent fans would say that the game does have room for a lot of expansions content-wise, and series director Tetsuya Nomura knows that. Spoilers below by the way.

Disney DLCs

In an interview for Dengeki PlayStation, the director announced that there will be free and paid DLC for the game, with the free DLC being trickled down as the months go by, and the paid DLC being a big expansion being released at the end of 2019. This seems to be taking a cue from Final Fantasy XV, which had all kinds of free DLC like the off-road version of the Regalia or a crossover missions with Assassin’s Creed, and the episodic paid DLC which follows the solo adventures of Noctis’ friends and enriching the story.

But the Kingdom Hearts franchise is no stranger to DLC, with even the very first game having a whole new expansion known as Final Mix, which added more cutscenes, extra weapons, and new bosses. The Final Mix of Kingdom Hearts 2 upped the ante by adding 30 minutes of extra cutscenes, almost 20 extra bosses, and most importantly a whole new difficulty mode, known as Critical Mode. Data miners have dug deep into the code of Kingdom Hearts 3, and have actually found evidence of Critical Mode already being in the game.

Final Mix

So does that mean that Kingdom Hearts 3 will get a Final Mix expansion? Kind of, not in the way that it was released in the older games. What we can expect is definitely a paid expansion that hopefully adds much more than the base game provides. One thing that is definitely going to be in is extra cutscenes that explains Xion’s inclusion into the Organization. Knowing that important plot point is going to be explained, we can only surmise other plot elements that could be expanded upon, like Kairi and Lea’s training, more on Vexen and Demyx’s betrayal in the organization, or even clearing up the vague ending and explaining what happened to Sora.

Kingdom Hearts 4

With the release of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Ultimania guide book, it has been revealed that there will be a game before the release of Kingdom Hearts 4 ala Chain Of Memories. This could probably explain why in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora wakes up in The World Ends With You version of Shibuya, and Riku ending up in the world of Verum Rex, a game that was teased about in the Toy Story World. This points to a more Square Enix focused Kingdom Hearts game, keeping the Disney elements somewhat muted.

In any case, a Square Enix focused Kingdom Hearts would ease fan’s frustrations of no Final Fantasy characters appearing in the game. Plus there are a ton of Final Fantasy worlds that would be perfect, from Midgar, Cornelia, Pulse, or Gaia. Verum Rex is interesting as it looks to be Nomura’s perfect vision of what he wanted the repurposed Final Fantasy Versus XIII to be, before it was rebranded as Final Fantasy XV. Clues include Verum Rex meaning “True King” in Latin, which is a core theme in FFXV, and the main character’s name to be Yozora, which means “Night Sky” in Japanese, which the name Noctis also share in meaning.

Overall, our biggest hopes for the Final Mix version of Kingdom Hearts 3 would be a Colosseum mode, an extra boss like Sephiroth, more cutscenes regarding Master Xehanort, and maybe extra playable scenarios for Kairi, Lea, Ventus, or Roxas. Since Aqua and Riku had playable parts, why not the other Keyblade wielders? Hopefully, we’ll get more info soon.

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