God Of War DLC Idea Scrapped For Being Too Ambitious?

By Michelle J. Brohier on Jan 9, 2019

In a few more months, PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War would have been released a year ago. Since then, the game has won multitudes of praise and even awards, the biggest being Game of the Year during The Game Awards back in December 2018.

With so much hype, you may think a DLC would be in the cards to continue the hype and to widen the God of War lore. In fact, it turns out that it might’ve been the case, but game director Cory Barlog found out the idea was too ambitious and may never see the light of day because of that .

"I had a really fun idea for a DLC that I only regret because I would love to have done that," Barlog told Kinda Funny in an interview. "But it was too ambitious."

Based on the interview, Barlog said it would have been like The Last of Us’  Left Behind DLC or Uncharted Lost Legacy , which were big enough to warrant their own standalone releases. Sadly, everyone said the project was too big to the point that it couldn't be seen as a DLC anymore. It would have to be its own thing.

That's not the only regret Barlog has. He also regrets not being able to release Photo Mode and New Game+ options during the launch of God of War. It was released as a free update after the game was released though, even if some fans didn't see it as a proper expansion.

Any idea what the DLC might pertain to? Maybe it’s related to the secret ending you could unlock that’s a major spoiler? Or something else? Do share your thoughts with us!

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