This Fanmade PlayStation Classic Might Just Be Better Than The Original

By Weng Kit on Jan 3, 2019

Ever since the release of the PlayStation Classic, the reviews have been pretty bad.  Among some of the popular reviews are that games that are present look bad and the games give a slower experience than what the original playstation originally presented to users.

Playing 3D games without analogue sticks feels pretty cumbersome in 2018,” IGN explains. “I had to pick out the shards of rose-tinted glass that had been smashed into my eyeballs by an angry mob of jagged polygons”. This means that the emulator runs the games slowly with low resolution and it’s honestly a sad successor for the Playstation 1.

However, a Twitter user by the name of NIWAChannel posted on his twitter a few pictures of a modified version of the PlayStation Classic. He turned the console into a handheld console with analogs by its side and a full color LED screen at the center of the system.

In the post, NIWAChannel said “I still have a lot of places to put in a pair but so far it’s running normally for the time being. I wonder if not a lot of people are going to make a fuss about of this.” In the pictures, the low resolution problem seems to be reduced and it doesn’t look half bad.

In another post, NIWAChannel mentioned that the main body floats when it’s put down and looks rather like feet.

Regardless, we still don’t know whether this modified version of the PlayStation Classic will be out for sale to the public or be kept for himself as a fan project. Personally, I hope we’ll see that this gadget be sold online for the general public to enjoy in the future. But until then we will have to wait for any official announcements from Sony regarding this fan made project and whether they will adapt it to their original Playstation Classic design.

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