The Truth Behind The Expensive Registration Fee For An Esports Event

By Michelle J. Brohier on Nov 15, 2018

It's been circulating around about a Mobile Legends eSports event organised by the Immigration Department, where those keen to join will have to pay a registration fee of RM500.

It has to be the highest registration fee we've ever seen and the prize pool isn't that big. It's only RM2000 for those who win first place! Not only that, those in 3rd and 4th place win RM500, the exact amount the team will pay for registration. It's easy for this to seem like a scam, with the organisers only aiming to profit than they are to provide a platform for eSports. Heck, it's also suspicious that the prize pool is as small as it is!

Except that wasn't the aim for the event. We have clarified that this event is actually meant only for the staff within the Immigration Department, and that the registration fee covers both food and logistics such as the location and transport. The registration fee does not cover the prizes at all and is instead sponsored by the Immigration Department, which is why the amount for the pool prize is as it is.

While this is good news, seeing as the event isn't a scam, it is concerning that the registration fee is as high as it is. But lest we forget that companies do organise their own outings with staff paying for it for the sake of their own camarederie. Here's to a successful eSports event to those participating, and let's hope it instills more appreciation and joy for all things eSports within the Immigration Department.

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