Gameview Money Invests 10 Million Ringgit in Gaming and Establishes GV eSports

By Dale Bashir on Nov 14, 2018

With the amount of gamers in the world going up to a staggering amount of 2.2 billion, it is no surprise that the world's governments and many major companies are looking into gaming more seriously and are actively seeking to support it in any way they can. The Malaysian government has openly marked their support with the announcement of over 10 million ringgit of the national budget being put into eSports.  

In line with Y.B Syed Saddiq's vision of setting Malaysia up to be one of the leaders of eSports in Asia, Gameview Money, a leading blockchain company, launched GV eSports to support the government's efforts. With that, Gameview Money has opened an arm of their company specifically to eSports, calling it GV eSports. With it, the company has matched the government's investment with 10 million ringgit of their own into the ever-growing sport. 

Along with their dedicated invest of 10 million ringgit into the local eSports scene, GV eSports is also sponsoring the upcoming The Kuala Lumpur Majors DOTA 2 tournament. All through 2019, GV eSports is looking to sponsor eSports tournaments locally and internationally as well. The Kuala Lumpur Majors is one of the biggest eSports events in the country, with the final rounds of the tournament running from the 17th to the 18th of November 2018. 

Overall, seeing major companies such as GV eSports openly supporting eSports, as well as the Minister of Youth and Sports also making great strides in establishing Malaysia's place in the eSports scene globally, really cements eSports as a major phenomenon to be reckoned with. Find out more on the Kuala Lumpur Major here

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