5 Places To Get Your Dream Gaming Rig In Malaysia

By Roudro Sakib Karim on Oct 24, 2018

The ambition to be a part of the legendary “PC Master Race” can be intimidating to some, especially to those who are laymen in the area. It all starts with the simple, yet daunting task of attaining the elusive “Gaming Rig”. It is a task which not only requires a potentially massive investment, but also a lifetime of difficult decisions; considering that a good gaming rig needs the right Motherboard, Processor, Graphics Card, RAM, Power Supply, Chassis, Cooling system, and Storage, all neatly managed within your budget.

The conventional way to get that done is to buy all the parts and put it all together with your bare hands. But without intimate knowledge of every proverbial cog in the machine, building your own desktop PC can be pretty challenging. However, whether you have no idea what a GTX 1080 is, or your poor cable management skills only ever leaves a tangled mess, there are ways to have your own gaming desktop without having to poke your hands into its guts. Here are some companies that have your back.


GTX Solutions - Website| Facebook


Budget Range: RM 1,300 - 10,000++

GTX Solutions offers its customers to build their own custom pc from scratch without having to physically touch any of its parts. They have a vast array of choices, all of which is listed in the price calculator in their website so that you can pick out everything  you need and check if it remains within your budget. They provide processors, graphics cards, motherboards, ram, power supplies and chassis of various price ranges made by various manufacturers such as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI etc. But the extensive list of products available may be overwhelming to a novice and require a ton of research in order to find the ideal build. To bypass that one can visit their page on social media, where they promote several of their recommended builds ranging from price around RM 1,300, capable of playing light games such as LOL or Dota 2, to high spec beasts, such as one outfitted with the new GTX 2080 at RM 8,079.

Idealtech PC– Website|Facebook



Budget Range: RM 1,900 - 20,000++

Idealtech is another store that houses a plethora of options from various companies. The building app in their website lets you explore their extensive catalogue which not only includes the essentials but also various add-ons such as DVD/Blu Ray player, peripherals etc. The catalogue listings are sometimes well detailed which can help spare the occasional Google search, but unfortunately this makes the listings themselves look pretty cluttered. Nevertheless, Idealtech should be one of the top stops for those who want their own custom desktop made just for them. For those who want to skip having to choose individual components, they have a vast catalogue of full rigs on their website, including an estimated budget for each of them. One of the more modest offerings costs about RM 2000, equipped with a GTX 1050TI, and from there the price just goes up and up, depending on how crazy you want to go, with a rig (including monitor) costing a staggering RM 61,000. According to reviews, Idealtech does not seem to have many unhappy customers, as they consistently receive praise for amazing customer service, including aftersale services.

Alienware Aurora – Website| Facebook


Budget range: RM 4,800 - 10,900++

Alienware is known for their “premium” gaming computers and is usually not considered as a budget option. However, their “Aurora” line of gaming desktops offers premium desktop builds at prices pretty close to their custom desktop counterparts. The Aurora has actually been a consistent favourite among many as a prebuilt gaming desktop. One of its biggest draws is the fact that it’s modular design makes it very easy to upgrade, making it a lot more “future-proof” than many of its competitors. The LED backlit chassis has a unique “Alienware” look that manages to impress while retaining simplicity. The lowest end Aurora (currently on its 7th iteration i.e. R7)  costs about RM4,800, containing a core i5 processor and a GTX 1050TI. A higher end Aurora with a GTX 1080TI and i7-8700K, powerful enough for high to ultra settings on any recent release, has a price tag of around RM 10,900. Alienware also has a beefier, pricier option known as the Area 51, which we will get to soon.

(Note: The website only has the 1080/1080TI builds available. For other options, you must visit the Dell showrooms or any store carrying the Aurora such as TechHyperMart)


Illegear – Website| Facebook



Budget range: RM 3,999++

Illegear is a Malaysian company that makes their own premium line of gaming laptops and desktops. Between the Raider and the very unique mini-ITX Troika desktops, they offer most of the essential options in term of specifications. The Raider is your standard tower built outfitted with GPUs ranging from the GTX 1050 to the latest 2080TI. But their standout offering is the Troika, which throws out the conventional tower shape in favour of their own triple cabin design, which optimizes the cooling capabilities of the chassis, according to Illegear. The Raider starts at RM 3,999 while the Troika starts at RM 4,999.


Level51 – Website| Facebook



Budget range: RM 2,372++

A subsidiary of Singapore’s Aftershock PC that specialises in building their own laptops and desktops, their offerings are similar to Illegear. Their mid-tower Zeal desktop is a simple conventional rig acts as Level 51’s budget offering, starting at RM 2,372. Their compact offering, the Impulse, is likely one of the smallest desktops you can get, but that doesn’t stop it from being an absolute powerhouse. The Impulse starts from RM 2,999. The most impressive off their catalogue are the “All-in-one” Next and Aeon 32R, which fit all the components of the computer right behind the monitor. The Next starts at RM 3,924 while the curved Aeon 32R starts at RM 5,397.

The world of PC gaming is as expansive as it is alluring. There surely are other ways to get your gaming desktop without breaking the bank or your sanity. Many brands such as MSI and Lenovo more offer large varieties of prebuilt gaming desktops, and for custom rigs, the halls of Plaza Low yat would definitely cater to your needs. But if you want to minimise the hassle of searching and the research, this list offers the most streamlined way for you to get your desktop ready and set up without getting your hands dirty

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