5 Most Affordable Gaming Chairs In Malaysia For You To Sit On

By Dale Bashir on Oct 16, 2018

The gaming chair-a coveted luxury amongst gamers especially for those gaming on PCs. Like the proverbial throne fit for the kings of gaming, a good chair to sit on can elevate one’s gaming experience or can be the bane of one’s gaming session. Such a luxury doesn’t come cheap, which is why we’ve prepared a list of five gaming chairs to look out for if you’re on a budget:

Gamdias Achilles E2

Retail Price: RM799

To kick things off, we have the Gamdias Achilles E2, an ergonomic and compact chair that fits the mold of a gaming chair. Gamdias is providing gamers with not only a comfortable chair, but it also comes in 3 different colours, 150 degrees adjustable backrest, adjustable armrests, and head and lumbar support cushions. It’s the most basic of gaming chairs and sometimes that’s all we need. If you’re just starting out on PC gaming, look no further than the Achilles E2. The chair goes for a retail price RM 799 and can be found on most online retailers.

Anda Seat Axe A5

Retail Price: RM659

Anda Seat’s designs are based on race car seats and is definitely perfect for the more stylish gamers among us. The Axe A5 is their most affordable gaming chair, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look as stylish as its more expensive brethren, nor does it skimp out on the features. With a breathable mesh covering and adjustable seat positioning, Anda Seat also promises a lifetime warranty and free shipping if you order from their site. The Axe A5 retails for RM 659 and can be found through their official online retailers.

TTRacing Duo V2 Gaming Chair

Retail Price: RM599

For those looking for a desk chair that is perfect for work and play, then the TTRacing Duo V2 is the chair for you. Featuring a minimalist design and a faux leather covering, it can serve double duty as the perfect gaming and office chair. Besides looking great, the chair is equipped with heavy duty hydraulics, a full tilt mechanism, and a 155 degree locking tilt recline. TTRacing provides the same amount of quality across the board with their chairs and the Duo V2 is a testament to that. It retails for RM 599 and can be bought through their official site.

Secret Lab Throne V2

Retail Price: RM1,059

Secret Lab is known for some pretty premium gaming chairs.  Hailing from Singapore, their line of gaming chairs are known for being some of the best in the region. Their Throne V2 is an upgrade from their first line of gaming chairs, and is the cheapest chair in their product. That just means it's the most expensive chair on this list. But if you’re on a budget yet still able to splurge a little bit, go for the Throne V2. It’s made with quality in mind, there’s a 2-year warranty,and comes with free lumbar and neck pillows. It retails for around RM 1059 on their official site, and has been on clearance for quite some time.

Ikea Renberget

Retail Price: RM168

Now if you’re really on a budget, and not looking for anything fancy or anything too complicated, then Ikea is the place to go. While they may not be releasing gaming chairs until 2020, their line of home desk chairs can sometimes be good enough if you’re not looking for anything too hardcore. We suggest the Renberget, a simple chair that provides comfort and stability for your gaming sessions. It retails for RM 168 and can definitely be found at all Ikea stores. As always, some assembly is required for this one.

These are our 5 picks for affordable gaming chairs, check out the links if you’re interested in getting yourself a cheaper alternative for your gaming comfort. Keep up with Gamehubs on Facebook and Twitter to be up to date on all things gaming.


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