10 Overwatch Lego Sets We Would Like To See

By Dale Bashir on Oct 5, 2018

Earlier this week, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan unveiled the Tracer Lego minifigure; the first figure revealed for the upcoming Lego Overwatch line. Lego also teased a Lego Winston coming to the line as well as the previous tease of minifigures of Widowmaker, Reinhart, Soldier 76, Genji, Mercy, and McCree. While minifigures have been teased, we still don’t know what sets will actually be featured in the line, which is why we’re sharing our predictions for the upcoming toyline:

Horizon Lunar Colony with Winston and Reaper

An important part of Overwatch lore, this Assault map is where gorilla scientist Winston grew up along with the Wrecking Ball himself, Hammond. Lego is no stranger in making sets that are set in space and the Horizon Lunar Colony would be a perfect build for a Lego set. With the Recall animated short as inspiration, you can have a nice set for people to reenact Winston’s and Reaper’s fight in that video.

A Reaper minifigure is easy enough to imagine, but we’re hoping that Winston would be a big figure, similar to the Gorilla Grodd figure from the DC Heroes line. If it’s a big enough set, you can even reenact entire fights on this map.


Junkertown with Junkrat and Roadhog

The Mad Max inspired map of Junkertown is an interesting build for Lego for sure, it’s an eclectic mix of different makeshift architecture which can not only make for an aesthetically pleasing looking set but also one that is fun to build as well. With Junkertown being an Escort map, you can definitely expect a Lego Payload to go along with it.

The recent Ninjago sets went for a dieselpunk, Mad Max aesthetic as well, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for them to do Junkertown in this manner too. Give the Junkrat minifigure a peg leg and make Roadhog a big fig, then we are good to go.


Hanamura with D.Va and Genji

This one is already teased with a Genji minifig and a buildable mech for D.Va, but it is definitely an iconic map from Overwatch and will be a nice set piece to any Overwatch collection. As a Lego set, we’re hoping that it’ll be the flagship set in the Lego Overwatch line.

If the teaser is to be believed, then we are finally getting an official D.Va build from Lego. Many fans have recreated the D.Va’s Mech with Lego before, so it’ll be great to finally have a version that everyone can pick up. Hanamura also has the Blizzard arcade cabinets, so hopefully that will come in the Lego version as well.



While this mode is a Summer Games exclusive that comes once a year, it would be awesome to have a version of Lucioball that is playable all year long. It might only feature about 6 Lucio minifigures in the set, it’ll still be a great addition to the line.

Lego hasn’t done a sports-themed set in a while, but they have dabbled into the concept with a World Cup line, which let’s kids to play a tiny version of football with Lego figures. If not, they could also do a working foosball table made of Lego, though one could imagine how expensive that set would be.

King’s Row with Tracer and Widowmaker

From one of the most tense and memorable moments in Overwatch lore, a pivotal moment that sets a number of key events in Overwatch. In King’s Row, Widowmaker sets her sights on Mondatta, a robot monk who is preaching peace between humans and Omnics. Widowmaker manages to assassinate her sights and even manages to incapacitate Tracer, who was hot on her trail.

While the backdrop of an assassination may not be ideal for the kid-friendly brand that Lego is, nonetheless it is an important moment in the game and it’ll be a great set that includes the Overwatch mascot and her rival.


MEKA Units

Recently, Lego released the fan conceived Lego Voltron as an official Lego set. It’s massive and is a must have for any Lego fan. It’s also the first combining robot Lego has ever produced and really opens the door for more possibilities of more mech.

While D.Va’s MEKA Units don’t combine together, they shouldn’t pass up another chance to do a whole team of colour coded mechs. While the MEKA Unit are new to Overwatch lore, they’ve quickly become a fan favourite and a whole Lego set around them would be amazing.

Chateau Guillard

This castle map is mainly used for Deathmatches on Arcade mode. It is an impressive French estate on the sea that has seen better days before becoming the base of operations for Widowmaker. It’s a large and tightly packed map that was made for teams of heroes to fight each other to the death.

Lego recently released a definitive Hogwarts set that is filled to the brim with all kinds of features, like an actual Chamber of Secrets or featuring all four founding members of Hogwarts in the set. Chateau Guillard could definitely play the same role for the cast of Overwatch.

Technic Sets of Bastion and Orisa

We hope that the Lego Overwatch line will be more than just a couple of vanilla Lego sets, and they’ll do more ambitious builds as well. Technics are Lego’s line of complex sets that can either be a perfect replica of a Ferrari or a working excavator. The Technic line uses more gears and levers more than bricks to make engineering feats of Lego.

That being said, Overwatch has a few mechanical characters that are perfect for this line, namely Bastion and Orisa. Of course a D.Va build or a Zenyatta build would be cool as well, we’re hoping they start off with two of the most robotic heroes in Overwatch.


Lego’s take on Funko Pop-like figures resulted in the creation of the Brickheads, stylized little collectibles that not only give your favourite characters a whole new look, but you get to build them as well. Everything from Marvel and DC superheroes, to Pirates of the Caribbean characters have gotten the Brickhead treatment.

With the pantheon of heroes Overwatch has and are constantly producing, it’s a no-brainer for Lego and Blizzard to cash in on the collectible figures craze that Funko Pop has laid out the past few years.

Buildable Figures

Here’s the thing; Overwatch figures are expensive. Official action figures of Overwatch characters made by Figma are very expensive and hard to find too. Legos can be expensive too, but there are cheaper lines and the Buildable Figures line can kill two birds with one stone.

Basically it’s an action figure that you have to build yourself, basically what Bionicle was before it was cancelled. With this line, Lego and Blizzard can make action figures that are accessible and easy to find with how widespread Lego products are. Plus, we get super stylised action figures of the Overwatch characters to boot, so it’s a win-win for all.

We may not see more of the Lego Overwatch sets until next year, but it sure is fun to speculate on what could come out of this. Let us now what you think Lego and Blizzard should make on our social medias. Keep up with Gamehubs on Facebook and Twitter to be up to date on all things gaming.

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