PUBG Region Locking Has Turned Out To Be A Failure

By Michelle J. Brohier on Oct 5, 2018

PUBG has its fair share of problems as a game, so much so that Fix PUBG is a thing because players keep demanding the developers to fix the game. Fixing bugs are things that take time and will happen eventually, but PUBG has a hard time dealing with people who win at PUBG by cheating.

Cheating is so prevalent in PUBG that there are those making money from selling these cheats and people in China have even caught and beat up said cheaters. In an attempt to control this, the developers decided to implement region locking with hopes to restrict players in regions with less cheaters and keep them away from regions with more cheaters (such as China).

This completely backfired as players found this to cause even more problems because despite their attempts to keep non-cheaters away from cheaters, they're still being paired with them anyways. Some players are even claiming that region locking gives cheaters the "go ahead" to play in the region they want.

In the end, what PUBG Corp didn't factor in is that many players in China are already using VPN to access the game and avoid severe lag. In fact, VPN use is so heavy in PUBG that players claim the developers are promoting these VPNs in-game instead of introducing local servers. So no matter what, both players who cheat and Chinese players are still appearing frequently in NA/EU matches.

It looks like the issues with PUBG carry on and it's a tough challenge for PUBG Corp as region lock was one of the demands of their players, and yet region locking has done little to help the problem. What do you think about this ordeal? Share with us your thoughts here, or on Facebook or Twitter!

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