Why Henry Cavill Isn’t The Right Geralt For Netflix Witcher

By Michelle J. Brohier on Sep 5, 2018

First of all, we would of course like to congratulate Henry Cavill in getting casted to play Geralt in the Netflix adaptation of Witcher. We hope he knows some of us are as excited as we were when we first heard Ben Affleck was playing Batman for the DC Cinematic Universe. Which means…  not very excited.

Don't get us wrong, it's not that we hate Henry Cavill. But this is Geralt we're talking about and he's an iconic character in the Witcher series. We expected other actors who fit the role better, like Mads Mikkelsen and Viggo Mortensen, to be casted. But Henry Cavill? We're not too sure, and here's why.

Henry Cavill is too good-looking

He does Superman well, but we're not too sure if that clean shaven look that we almost always see him in means he could portray the rugged Geralt well. That’s not to say he hasn’t looked rugged! But even with his bearded look, we still can’t see how he can pull the look off.

All we have is this photoshop of him as Geralt, which is kind of convincing, but that's not the only aspect we're worried about...

He doesn't even sound the part

Henry Cavill's voice is cool and calm, still young in a way. But the voice we're used to hearing to portray Geralt is Doug Cockle and he definitely gives off a more gruff, lower and manlier portrayal than Cavill. We doubt Cavill is a voice actor, so we can't see how he'd be able to pull that off.

He only wins by being a nerd for the series

Most of us know The Witcher series from the games. But this guy? He read the books too! That's way too much love and commitment for a series, and it's possibly the only reason he landed the role. Will that reflect in his portrayal of Geralt? Maybe. But for now, it just isn’t a good enough reason for him to play the role of Geralt when there are better actors around.

The only one truly excited about this is Henry Cavill himself

We saved the best for last. Considering how he has always expressed an interest in playing Geralt, and having already changed his address after the official announcement of his casting, we're pretty sure that no one else is as excited about this news than Cavill himself. Sure there are some people who are okay and maybe even excited about him playing the part, but there’s no way it will reach his level.

All things aside, we’re kidding. We won’t judge until we see more information, and we have merely compiled what a lot of nay-sayers are saying (even within this office *coughcough*). But what do you think? Is Henry Cavill the best person to play Geralt? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment here, or even on Facebook or Twitter!



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