Could Soulcalibur VI Be The Last Soulcalibur?

By Michelle J. Brohier on Aug 27, 2018

There's been a lot of hype and expectation over Soulcalibur 6 that's set to be released on 18 October 2018, especially since it will be the first in the series to launch on the PC and it has been 6 years since the last Soulcalibur game.

Well, it turns out it could also be the last Soulcalibur game you'll play. Producer Motohiro Okubo has stated in an interview with Dualshockers that the Soulcalibur brand is currently facing a "crisis", reason being that Namco Bandai has low expectations over the series. Okubo mentioned that it took time for him to convince the company to proceed with Soulcalibur VI.

The solution to keeping the Soulcalibur series alive is to, of course, get more people to buy the game. But Okubo has also stated that he has no intention to blackmail users into buying the game for the sole sake of keeping the series alive, yet having said that, the potential of this game being the last is still high. Even so, the development team has decided to do what they want to do and that they have nothing to lose in pushing Soulcalibur VI forward.

With the game being heavily criticised for its overly sexual characters (sorry Ivy), Soulcalbur VI has a lot to handle in today's SJW world. Okubo has also clarified during the interview that it wasn't his intention to make the characters sexy, but looked into how they can best represent the character. This would lead to characters having a lot less to wear, making them appear sexier though that isn't the focus.

Are you sad about this possibility? Or are you one of those who think the series should end? Share your thoughts with us in the comments, or even on Facebook or Twitter!

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