Arena of Valor Switch Version Will Be Different From Mobile

By Michelle J. Brohier on Aug 24, 2018

Arena of Valor (AoV) has to be one of the biggest mobile games worldwide,  with more than 200 million worldwide and their first ever eSports World Cup completed just recently. As its popularity has grown, it's no wonder that AoV is set to make its way to the Nintendo Switch.

The game was initially on the Switch as a beta and is now set to be released sometime in September, but that's not the biggest news the game has to offer. It seems that the Switch version is going to be completely different  from the mobile version, as developers are taking advantage of the console’s processing power and controllers. This means that the Switch version of AoV will have an upgrade in graphics and animation, on top of adding elements like fluttering butterflies on the maps.

Another major change is that the heroes in the Switch version will have slightly different stats than the  original, as developers aimed to balance the game as it plays out on the big screen and with actual controllers. The developers have even told Engadget that they've established discrete development teams for the Switch and mobile versions.

The biggest con from this is the obvious fact that cross-play between mobile and Switch users is not possible, seeing as they're two different games. Though it would be interesting to see how the Switch version will take off, seeing as the mobile edition is already an established esports title. Will this mean that the Switch version could join the ranks of professionally competitive games? It all depends on whether or not the Switch version takes off, but the possibility is there.

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