For Honor Starter Edition Free On Steam For A Limited Time

By Heirul Kamel on Aug 23, 2018

First off, I can’t stress how annoying it can be to type “Honor” without the “u”, and yet it’s also ironic that the aforementioned letter plays a major part in Ubisoft’s branding.

Moving on.

Good news for players who’ve been eager to sink their teeth in For Honor, Ubisoft’s close-quarters brawler. The Starter Edition of the game is currently free to download and keep on Steam for a limited time. Strangely enough, Ubisoft has not stated for how long, so better grab it while you can.

Alternatively, the Standard, Deluxe, and Gold Editions are currently on sale for RM52.25, RM61.25, and RM87.25 respectively. The sale ends on 27 August 2018.

A quick refresher just in case you missed the memo, the Starter Edition will only give players access to only six playable Heroes instead of twelve. The three vanguard Heroes - Raider (Vikings), Kensei (Samurai), and Warden (Knights) - are fully unlocked, while the remaining three of your choice can be unlocked for 8000 Steel each.

For Honor Starter Edition will also give players instant access to all maps, multiplayer modes, and story. The Season Pass, DLCs, and additional content is compatible with this version of the game as well.

Ubisoft originally had a rocky start when For Honor launched, but after more than a year of continuous rebalancing and tweaks, its player base has gradually recovered and even increased.

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