Discord Will Be Selling Games On Their Platform Soon

By Jasmin on Aug 10, 2018

Just this Thursday, Discord Inc announced that their popular voice and text chat app Discord will be selling games. THQ and Deep Silver are the first official publishers to partner for this program.

The Discord ‘marketplace’ will offer different types of games that will be accessible in a number of ways. Discord Nitro, the app’s premium service, will also give subscribers access to a library of games like Super Meat Boy and Saints Row: The Third, among many others. This sounds a bit like what Twitch Prime subscribers currently get. The service currently costs US$4.99 (~RM20) a month or US$49.99 (~RM203) a year.

Don’t worry, non-Nitro users will also be able to buy games through Discord’s official store. However, according to their press release, Discord isn’t planning on having every single game on it but instead it will recommend a specific range of games, saying that they want to “rely on our community and our team to make the store feel super personal and focused on games that we genuinely think you’ll enjoy!”

Just a few months ago, Discord had created a feature which gathers a user’s installed games and have them in one place, whether its from Steam or Blizzard and Epic Games launchers. Does the addition of a personalised games store mean that Discord is planning to take on Steam? Only time will tell.

The Discord store and Nitro games library will be launching a beta version soon, and will only be distributed to selected Nitro users. Those users will have the chance to test out both features before it becomes available to more users in the future.

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