Nintendo Direct: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gives Fans What they Want

By Dale Bashir on Aug 9, 2018

Last night’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct really gave fans what they’ve been asking since Melee. The Direct was presented by Masahiro Sakurai himself, the director and creator of Super Smash Bros. With 5 new character reveals, new stages, new modes and so much more. There was definitely more than what we expected.

New fighters were the highlights of course, and each pick was definitely a love letter to fans. The first being Simon Belmont, a third-party character from the original Castlevania. He comes equipped with his signature Vampire Killer whip, and sub-weapons like the axe, holy water, and cross. People see him as an icon from the NES days and have been petitioning for his inclusion for a while now. Thankfully, Nintendo and Konami obliged.

The next character being Richter Belmont, an Echo Fighter or clone of Simon Belmont. They have virtually the same attacks, but with some slight variations on the properties of the attack, as well as different animations. Richter was a surprise inclusion, but he is quite popular with fans, the moveset he and Simon have are mostly derived from games starring Richter, so his inclusion made sense. Along with the two vampire hunters, there’s also Alucard as a summonable Assist Trophy, a new stage based on Castlevania, featuring all the bosses from the original game like Medusa and the Werewolf. Even Dracula himself will appear to challenge the players.

Two more Echo Fighters were announced, Chrom from the Fire Emblem series, and Dark Samus from Metroid Prime. While Dark Samus is obviously a clone of Samus, Chrom is an Echo Fighter of Ike, another Fire Emblem character. More Assist Trophies were also announced, like Zero from Megaman X and Knuckles from the Sonic games. We’re just happy that two characters from our most wanted list got to be in the game.

Another surprise in the Assist Trophy department is that Shovel Knight and a Rathalos from Monster Hunter are summonable. Fans have wanted Shovel Knight to be the indie representative is Smash, especially since he has his own Amiibo. While he may not be a playable fighter, his inclusion is still a win for the indie community. Rathalos was a welcome addition too, though it would be crazy to see it be a playable fighter, he is a series first as he’s an Assist Trophy and also a stage boss. That means we’re getting a Monster Hunter stage, but will we get a Monster Hunter representative ala Marvel VS Capcom Infinite?

Along with all of these, Sakurai revealed that there are 103 stages in the game, and more than 800 hundred songs to choose from. He also showed off how you can use your Nintendo Switch as a music player. There were also more options for Tournament mode, confirmation that every stage supports 8-player mode, and a mode called Squad Strike, where two players can fight in teams of 3 or 5 against each other. So yeah, we’re happy some of our most wanted features came true as well.

The last announcement came with the reveal of King K. Rool as a playable fighter, the primary antagonist of the Donkey Country games has long been absent and finally makes his triumphant return to video games in Ultimate. He comes with a varied moveset inspired by his boss battles in Donkey Kong Country 1, 2, 3, and 64. More villain representatives in Smash are always welcomed, and we’re glad to finally play as the big bad croccodile himself.

Like we said before, now is the best time to get into Super Smash Bros. If you’re a Switch owner and are convinced to buy the game, look no further than the Limited Edition release of the game that comes with the game itself, a GameCube controller adapter, and a brand new Smash Bros. Gamecube controller. The game releases on the 7th of December this year. Keep up with Gamehubs on Facebook and Twitter to be up to date on all things gaming.

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